Elizabeth Wilcock Interviews Dannion Brinkley Pt. 1

Reference: Elizabeth Wilcock Interviews Dannion Brinkley Pt. 1, 07022020, Elizabeth Wilcock, You Tube, Uploaded 07032020. https://youtu.be/1hiwKLgi3I4

 Elizabeth Wilcock teaches The Priestess Path, and is having a chat with Dannion Brinkley, the author of: 

Saved By The Light   https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B001M2FTCY&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_py3.EbJZDDTQH AND

Secrets Of The Light https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B001FA0SFQ&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_ZA3.EbXR4ZY29

We are Great Powerful Mighty Spiritual Human Beings With Dignity Direction and Purpose.

  • Dannion went to a Crystal City
  • The Mother The Matriarch The Goddess The Creator.  The power of women and the birth of an age.
  • For the next 50 years, women, it’s your time, ladies, do not miss the opportunity.
  • There will be no secrets, so much of their philosophy is showing.
  • Battle for the souls of humankind would be fought in health care, and a chip will control your existence, and the chip will be used to determine how long you will survive.
  • When I heard, Dr. F saying everyone has to wear a mask, I thought “This is the time”
  • When Pres Trump announced Marshall Law we came under what’s called FEMA which is the federal COGS Council Of Government and all of that has been activated. 
  • We pay attention to the Pharmaceutical Health Care and realize we are being manipulated. 
  • Broadening the perspective of human perspective – We are spiritual beings, nobody dies, all the stuff you are told, whatever religion you are, none of that stuff is true.
  • Been a hospice volunteer for 42 years.
  • The multinational companies, integrated pharmaceutical companies agenda is to make us into slaves, to pay to live on this Earth. 
  • How have we in our patterns of behavior put us in peril that put us depended on people who care about making money for their stockholders.
  • Every 100 years an Aryan Race, something about that.
  • We do not know what they have in those vaccines.
  • The greatness of the spiritual beings here on planet Earth now. 
  • This is not part of Manifest Destiny, but a small group of people who need to control. 
  • You either Empower or You Enable.  
  • We have a choice and see what we can do to help.
  • Breath.  Breathing. Empowers people.  

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