Human Trafficking – Interview With Sacha Stone

Invoke The Kristave, The Divine Mother, Lensomai to you and all fields now, Namaste.

Human Trafficking – Interview With Sacha Stone Albdroid, 05092020  You Tube, uploaded 07012020. The Interview in this video took place In The Netherlands.   Another word for the Country of The Netherlands is Holland.  

The  International Tribunal for Natural Justice set up in 2015.  Many people around the world were involved in signing or ratifying the treaty disposed toward natural justice, in service of people, living men and women of the living soil.  We established the International Tribunal for Natural Justice as a court to use the rule of law to protect and defend the people of the world and to operate under the laws of natural justice.  Have many lawyers, judges, affluent people on the Tribunal.  Each one has been invited because they are powerful and represent the right action which is what we intend to restore in the world. The dispensation of natural justice and right action.   It is Law, the highest form of law. 

  • Please understand the Supreme Courts of the World serve The Corporation, they are operating in the service of a covert priesthood of supranational intelligences, people who are operating behind the curtains and controlling the outcomes which is how battle and wars are engineered, and poverty is a perpetual cycle which is engineered, War Disease poverty is what is described as mass sacrifice of innocence, Canaanite ritualism in the 20th century.  

The overwhelming majority of legal proceedings legal hearings are connected to commercializing and penalizing living men and women of the living soil, and this is called business. The Human trafficking, pediphilia the child sex abuse element is the biggest profiteering center in the world,  a vast industry generating billions and billions of dollars, elements of the Government, Military, Intelligence, International Banking Fraternity involved.  

  • We are caught up in Biblical Prophecy of epic proportion requires our attention and we can no longer pretend it isn’t happening.
  • Outrageous generational Charities that are being exposed that have been part of the problem.
  • Judicial Commision Of Inquiry is concerned with disclosing the truth and exposing the facts.  Not interested in prosecutions.
  • We are interested in the power of truth and disclosure and bringing this into the popular context to get people of the world outside of their dream spell and begin to recognize that it is their sleep state that is maintaining the sacrifice of innocence.  
  • The people who are asleep are responsible for the canaanite ritualization..  Now it is an invitation to wake up, because when they hear the truth when we bring these testimonies, star witnesses, expert witnesses coming into the Tribunal over the course of the next 6 months to year will tell the facts, and will not tolerate white wash manipulating of the truth,  so we allow the people of the world through the internet, social media to come to their conclusions and allow that awakening to happen.  Real stories of survivors.  
  • Then Up to the people to force their mandate and begin the process of cleaning up the game.
  • Masonic tradition is based on the helter skelter, black white, info, disinfo, creating atmosphere impossible to focus on any truth, dreamt up by the Fabian Agenda.
  • We seek Redemption ~ Absolution ~ Forgiveness ~ Extension of Compassion

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