President Trump Town Hall

Invoke The Kristave, The Lensomai, The Divine Mother, Receive here now light codes for my, your highest good in all timelines of dimensions as Vibration Energy of Living Working Receiving Travel in harmony with Divine Female and Divine Male light.

  • What THEY did to General Flynn.
  • Russia Ukraine situation is perfect conversation.
  • They Persecuted. 
  • United States Of America is the toughest.
  • Mueller Scam.
  • What THEY put this country through.
  • It is a shame what THEY put this country through.
  • Can you believe the hatred.
  • The judge that sentenced Roger is bruttle – a person who hated. 
  • These guys burn down buildings, rip down statues. 
  • Greatest accomplishment – close to 300 judges approved and 2 great Supreme Court Judges, Space Force, Rebuilding the military and taking care of our Vets.  91% approval rating with the VA. Veterans Choice. 
  • Had to turn off the country to save Millions of Lives.
  • The New York Times is so dishonest.  You can do something great and THEY will make it look terrible.  The media is the most dishonest people I have ever dealt with.
  • All these writers got Pulitzer prizes and THEY were all wrong.
  • Ukraine was a hoax.
  • THEY Impeached a duly elected President of The United States. 
  • THEY knew it was a hoax.  A Purely party line impeachment.
  • Democrats think it wonderful THEY are destroying our country.
  • THEY will take over Biden, he is shot, whether you like him or not he is shot, THEY will take him over.
  • Venezuela was a rich country 20 years ago and now they do not have food, water, death all over, people have nothing, same exact mindset and philosophy THEY want.
  • Republicans have to get tougher.
  • YOU will see what is happening.
  • THESE people are terrorists.
  • We are fighting something that is very dangerous.
  • EXPERIENCE has a very important meaning.
  • Bolton did release classified material.  Very dangerous what he did to himself.  He talked about the Libyian mob, and he thought going into IRAQ was a good thing.  He was crazy, and wanted to fight Russia and China at the same time, never smiled.
  • 1.8 Billion in cash, I think it was 5 planes loads.
  • How is making elections fair?  Mail in Ballot is the biggest risk we have. 
  •   THEY should have ID voting.  
  • Biden is a candidate that will destroy this country, and he may not do this by himself, but he will be run by a radical fringe group of lunatics that will destroy our country and people have to know it.
  • REFERENCE: President Trump Town Hall hosted by Sean Hannity / FULL, Fox News, 06252020, You Tube, Uploaded 07012020.

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