Pres Trump Delivers Light

Reference: President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure, The White House, 06232020, Uploaded 06232020

  • Celebrating over 200 Miles of wall built.
  • We are making a speech to young people in Arizona.
  • Last Night stopped an attack on Andrew Jackson, a great monument working very closely with secret service, numerous people are in jail, looking at long term sentences under the act.
    • Vandals
    • Hoodlums
    • Anarchists
    • Agitators
    • Call em what you want, but they are bad people that do not love our country.
  • If the state government, they are very weak, if they need help, if these hoodlums come around, these are not protestors by the way, they are
    • Anarchists,
    • and other things. (foreign people not born in the United States)
    • After 4 days they called and we did a good job with sending The National Guard.
  • I don’t kid. Let me make it clear. We have the greatest, best testing program in the world. By having more tests we find more cases. We did 25 million tests. Way more by double quadruple triple than any other country. By having more cases it sounds bad. We have very low mortality rate.
  • Testing is a doubled edge sword.
  • We are doing the best testing job any where in the world.
  • We are now suppling ventilators all over the world.
  • Despite all the ominous warnings that you people put out, FOX had the biggest ratings in television. Thank you very much.

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