7 Spirits of God – Wisdom Impartation Invoked For Receiving

  • Spirit of God is on the move and wants to give you a spirit of wisdom.
  • Sing the song of the Lord, sand the Love of god.
  • I believe, forgive me Lord. Set free from the spirit of doubt.
  • Jesus is the actual blueprint.
  • Spirit of wisdom and understanding work together.
  • Following the leading of wisdom releases understanding.
  • Receive right now the flow of wisdom.
  • “Lord I thank you for the impartation of wisdom and revelation Lord, let the spirit of wisdom mark people right now, Lord, I pray god that you will release to them Lord God your voice, release to them your spirit, open their eyes to see, open their ears to hear, give them strategies and blueprints and understanding as to how to do the things that you have called them to do, give them wisdom for their lives practical wisdom that opens up doors and releases the break throughs of the spirit, in Jesus name we pray, and so right now we release that fresh impartation in Jesus Name.”

Reference: Seven Spirits of God – Spirit of Wisdom (3/6) – Jerame Nelson, Jerame Nelson, 08152018, You Tube, uploaded 06232020. https://youtu.be/i_vI0h0LtJ0

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