Sacha Stone: We Will See The End Of All Governments

Reference: Sacha Stone: ‘We will see the end of all governments’ –, 05022020, Marzia Narayani, You Tube, Uploaded 06172020

  • By Divine Decree: The Divine Mother, The Kristave, The Master’s, The Universal Life Force Energy, is invited, here now, imbued, evoked, invoked voked in all your fields participating now with The Lensomai, The Ksama, The Om, balancing Divine Male, Divine Female light. Namaste. Thank You. Samasthiti. Suggested listening while you process: Meditation: Cazekiel’s Wheel Lorie Ladd
  • Bali is one of the best places to be during this Corona, in Germany one time he did not wear a mask, people called the police.
  • In 1999 Sacha became an activist, established the International Tribunal For Natural Justice, Humanitad Foundation, New Earth Nation, NewEarth Project, ITNJ, Focusing on International diplomacy, creating blueprints and templates for the kind of world, that humans beings want to imagine and manifest, more spiritual conscious approach to life, elevation of art, and beauty and conscious, and stepping away from being a slave, registered process owned by the central bank with government corruption that is out of control.
  • ITNJ is the frontline Organization doing the work investigating through judicial commissions of inquiry the Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.
  • Successful launch that pulled the Mask away.
  • Weaponizing of the biosphere, which looks at vaccination, 5g, chemtrailing, the poisoning of the people of the planet from the parent Corporation.
  • The Luciferian Agenda.
  • Now it’s time to decide to take the Left or the Right fork in the road.
    • We do not need to be controlled by psychopaths, sociopaths, hidden agendas.
    • Hundred’s (100’s) of millions, trillions of dollars with vaccination agenda which do not work. Liberalist mindset. Toxicity of government. Big government is diabolical.
    • Deconstruction of Big Brother.
    • Main stream media is demonizing because the agenda is to keep everyone in dream spell.
    • Classic Engineered Society.
    • Devaluation, collapsing the petroleum dollar. From human perspective it’s called Jubilee. The federal reserve should have been on a leash, but the rogue demons, the ponzi scheme of the entire world, and the war and poverty of the last 100 (Hundred) years can be attributed to the Federal Reserve of blood economy, scarcity, pestilence, DIS EASE.
    • Holographic technology, Quantum. Broadcast, transmission has been with us but sequestered.
    • Corporation is what is controlling, Corp is dead, the Corpse. Imposition of central banks, lending, usury. Vatican library, Smithsonian Institute, have been used to control the patents, by the end of the Trump administration you will see Free Technology.
    • EVIL Bush. Commander in chief of The Devils game. Invisible hand in America and partners in crime with mafia in the gulf.
    • converted into Tesla affirmative frequency.
    • The human gene is the most powerful in this Quantum and that is why we are so prized, by ET’s because we are the sons and daughters of God. The human species is the override and we are constantly communicating with every living sentient being. 777777 human beings corresponds to the Babylonian agenda attempting to decimate the magic of ascension.
    • All we are doing is seeing our own shadows reflecting back.
    • We have won the war.
    • At a cellular system we are detoxing.
    • You have a flame in you as a son and daughter of God.
    • Beat the living shit out of the Sabbatian’s. Claim the Christed light and dream beautifully wisely and manifest the most beautiful Earth in existence.
    • Thank you for raising the subject, people must have the courage to have the break in your heart and it is the least we can offer from your generational ignorance.

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