60 Year Democratic Rule Transmuting through Black Community Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Free Citizens

  • LAW Enforcement, Education, Business, Health for The Black Community is under
    • -60 year generational poverty and controlled for 60 years by The Democrats.
  • The Only choice The Black Community receives is Left or Further Left.
  • To all the lying folks at MSNBC CNN and another network: Wake up. Are you afraid to have real black republicans who know what their talking about?
  • To The Media: “Quit lying to The Black Community.”
  • Criminal Justice: Un did the 1994 Crime Bill and We Are forever thank full.
    • Have done Opportunity Zone before The Plague and have to talk to democrats in order to have funds. Outside forces are able to come through and get money through the democrats.
    • Best Unemployment rate in history just before the plague.
    • Prison Reform is in process.
    • Systemic system is reforming.
    • The Media is almost 100 percent negative.
    • Black Community desires to be an innovating force who wants to use the government as a Republic that will include all the necessities of civilization and more investment ownership and entrepreneur ownership in The Black Community.
  • Being corrected right now is opportunity for funds.
  • Police Reform. Crooked Cop called James Comey. Impeachment is not real. But they can do that, and its hard to explain what happens to the community. Policing is not new. Its part of The Black community. Historical changes.
  • Historical Black Colleges have been given a TEN (10) Year deal of money, and can focus on what they do, which is education.
  • Republican Convention most likely will be moved. The Governor is backward, lots of states want the Convention like Texas, Georgia and others.
  • Reformation for Public Schools.
  • The dynamics have started to change with marriage, within families, a lot of negative dynamics is being changed by the generation of honest dialog.
  • We are a republic, which means local government has the most power over citizens lives as well as how to take it back and put it into a cohesive message that can be spread to the black community that can already be engaged in and known.
  • We need the police, not people who come in to gentrification the community and leave us out of our community. They cause over policing.
  • We need police, not over policing. The legislators are beginning to put these into practice.
  • Its about what we are going to produce within our communities.
  • REFERENCE: https://youtu.be/Eym7u6E8rjQ. President Trump Participates In A Roundtable Discussion, The White House, 06102020, You Tube, Uploaded 06122020.

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Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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