Lifted and Enlightened

Thank you Melania for sharing grace.

By Divine decree: The Divine Mother, through the 3 in 1 Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, The Divine Goddess and The Osho, through the Masters be with you now. You are grounded with RAMA. You have mental soothing with Eefchay, Shum, Rinko. and RAKU. Namaste. Lesnomai.

Riots @3:30-6:00 “Right now the nation needs law and order. There are a lot of bad people out there and they are using G. Floyd and their using a lot of other people to try and do bad things. Democrat Super Liberal Mayers. Cops fleeing, total mess. Yes we need healing but we need strength law and order. The powerful national guard over 300,000 men and women. We have antifa, anarchists, terrorists, looters, a lot of bad people in that group. Radical left crazy people that don’t want good for our country. We need safety in our cities.

Suggestion: (check out Empowering Better Humans. Dr. Sam Mugzzi does a good job documenting Q and and information everyone needs to read for their own healing.)

China @12:45-14:19

“China was just ripping off this country taking out 500 Billion Dollars for many years. China should have never let the plague happen with all that death. The ink wasn’t even dry before the plague happened. China has been a developing nation and they are not, They ARE VERY POWERFUL, by having that status (developing nation) they have taken advantage. We are all developing nations.”

Race relations/Riots/Dr. Fauci (Dr. FUCKI – Dr. FUCKY WITH YOU)\

Suggestion: Check out Employing Better Humans through Dr. Sam Muggzi, at Explains Dr. Fucking with you and BIDEN.

“Very interesting to watch protestors claim social distancing and then climb all over everyone when their screaming ranting raging. Super Liberal Mayer in Minnesota was crying – they are not for law and order”

Reference: TRUMP TELLS ALL on riots, race relations, Biden, China, Newsmax TV, 06032020, You Tube, uploaded 06102020

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