The Nations Fisheries

  • Signed into law 300 million dollars to the Nations Fisheries.
  • We want Conservation and fairness.
  • Canada does not have to pay a tariff going into Europe but you do. (The fisheries have to pay a tariff)
  • China put a tariff on them for 40%. Added expense to the main lobsterman.
  • European Union charges 20 or 22%.
  • Canadian Lobster and Maine Lobster come out of the same water. The gulf of Maine.
  • European Union has ripped this county off. If they don’t change were going to put a tariff on their cars. They have been as bad as China. Here is the perfect case, Maine Lobster.
  • European Union charges us a tariff but they don’t charge Canada a tariff.
  • Were going to put a tariff on European cars. Its going to be equivalent plus. Watch how fast that tariff comes off. It should be equivalent plus plus.
  • This country has been treated so badly with trade for so many years its hard to believe.
  • Canada has been very tough with dairy charging 287% on tariffs, and they kept it at 287% to send dairy products to Canada and our people didn’t charge them anything.
  • Broccoli, Blueberries, Lobster.
  • Paying people to stay home is causing damage. Works in Republican states.
  • Opening up 5,000 Square Miles
  • Sales to China went from 600,000.00 pounds to 1,000 pounds.
  • It should be for the same amount or plus
  • We don’t charge them a tariff but they charge us a tariff, how stupid is that?
  • Thank You for being clear, and bringing common sense to government, President Trump. Deeply appreciate you.
  • Being a Fisherman is a way of life.

President Trump Participates in a Roundtable on Supporting America’s Commercial Fishermen, by The White House, 06052020, You Tube, uploaded 06072020.

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