Crystal Singing Bowls

This video gives Twenty minutes per chakra that you receive from that particular musical note, the Musician plays. The Musician uses various methods to bring the frequencies louder, or softer, depending on how they work the crystal bowl. They circle the bowl with a tool, tapping heavy, soft, regularly, sporadically, either way, the crystal bowl vibrates energetically with a sound which is called a musical note. The musical note can be found on a piano keyboard anywhere from low C up to high C. This musical note, tone, sound, carries a vibration, and energetic wave length cleansing the organs associated with the musical note.

Root Chakra – Adrenal Gland, Lower Abdomen, and Coccyx.

Sacral – Reproductive Systems (Testicles and Ovaries)

Solar Plexus – Pancreas and Small Intestine

Heart Chakra – Heart / Thymus Gland

Throat Chakra – Thyroid Gland

Third Eye Chakra – Pineal Gland

Crown Chakra – Nervous System

Reference: 2.5 Hour Endocrine Cleanse Healing Meditation / 432Hz Crystal Singing Bowls / 7 Chakras (No Talking), by Healing Vibrations, 08252019, You Tube, Uploaded 05272020.

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