We Are Put On Earth To Be Holy and To Be Saints

  • What am I willing to let go of so I can take on the name of Christ?
  • It’s a beautiful challenge.
  • Christ appointed the man to be priest of domestic church which is wife and children.
  • Placed on this earth to get my wife and my children to heaven.
  • – and as many other people as I can with me.
  • Being a Knight is like putting on the armor of God.
  • We are carrying on the message of Christ, not for self, but for the good of Christ.
  • Some of the most miserable men are Millionaires, Hall of Baseball players because they try to fill the hole in their heart with the things of this world.
  • Saint Augustine said our hearts were created by god and only in god will our hearts find rest.
  • REFERENCE: Everyday heroes / Episode 10: A Royal Knight, 06122018, by Knights Of Columbus Everyday Heroes, You Tube, Uploaded 05222020

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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