Recirculating Shower System For Van Life

  • Van build tech talk with Curt.
  • Cool, Colorful scene with peppy music while he walks to his presentation center.
  • Recirculating Shower.
  • Really Love this Thing.
  • Nice hot showers.
  • Water Pressure Is Great.
  • Unlimited heating system to have hot water.
  • Walk through shower design has enough room to sit down on a bench to shave her legs.
  • After 10 Ten Months of use, the hardware continues to hold up after every day of use.
  • Talks about filtration system and has a clear, precise, visual graphic.
  • Uses a visual for the filter’s. Gives several visuals and points on the different filters.
  • Advises maintenance of a weekly flush and recirculate with little bit of bleach, then drain it all out, rinse out again, do a good system flush, before putting filters back and fresh water back into the system.
  • REFERENCE: Van Recirculating Shower Update Part 1 – Van Build Tech Talk With Curt, 05052020 Snow& Curt, You Tube. Uploaded 05082020.

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