Electric Bike

Buy an electric bike. Highly recommend you ditch your gas guzzling smog producing auto and drive your electric bike to your appointments. Granted, driving a bike of any kind, the body does not have the protection of the car, but there are electric bike cars out there to purchase, just have to figure out what bike situation works best with your lifestyle.

This particular type of Electric Bike from The Electric Bike Company in Newport Beach, California is nice. Luxury riding at its best. The seat is wide, and comfortable. The buns do not get sore. The handle bars, are wide, making the shoulders feel good, with no strain, while each hand is on the handle bar. The brakes are easily managed with the hands, at any time, even while the bike is in pedal assist mode.

Pedal Assist is awesome! Yes, get tired of pedaling? Starting to sweat during your pedal ride? Just flip on pedal assist, and away you go. Relax while riding, catch your breath, while riding, in pedal assist mode. The bike stops the minute your use the hand brake. Pedal assist allows the rider to coast down any stretch of ride, and move up to 20 MPH. The Tires on the bike are big and sturdy, so while riding in pedal assist, you feel safe. You still have to watch out for your safety of other cars, other bikers, other items in the road, like rocks, small rocks, and such.

The Electric Bike easily acts like your car. As you dismount from the bike, gather your items from the basket and before walking into your appointment, just press LOCK, and your bike locks. Just like a car. Add a lock for security, to lock to an available bike rack. When you return to your bike, make sure you unlock the bike, before putting items into your basket, otherwise, the alarm will sound! Yes, your front basket is connected to the alarm, so if you leave anything in the basket, while being away from your bike, and try to remove or move anything without turning off the alarm, the alarm will sound, and it is nice and loud! Same thing, if your basket is empty, while the alarm is on, when placing items in the basket, with the alarm on, the alarm will sound. The alarm on this bike, is a very nice feature.

There are many add-ons to chose from for this bike, such as, a dog basket to carry a small dog, a front basket, a back basket, saddles that attach to the back rack, even a surf board can be attached!


Electric Bike Company Model C Review / BestElectricBikes.com, You Tube, 03162020, by Best Electric Bikes. Uploaded 05072020.

Electric Bike Company, 519 Superior Ave., Newport Beach, CA., 92663

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