Practical Simple Useful Design

This Van reminds me of the inside of the trailers we toured the United States in as a child. The look is simple with ease on the eyes. Very practical and most likely cost effective.

I like the storage underneath the bed, and find this practical design for the water tank and hot water stuff related to propane. I like the single burner next to the water, because of the practicality of cooking something simple, and the movability of the cabinet.

I also like the storage solutions in this van. Simple, easy practical moveable solution. Probably can get creative with color to the storage bins, maybe put a small plant but there is so much beautiful green outside and that is what makes this van practical. The inside van design nature fits in with the outside nature of the plants and the green outdoors so everything balances out aesthetically.

Reference: 4X4 Mercedes Sprinter Van Tour – by Campovans, 07202017, Campo Vans, You Tube. Uploaded 05052020.

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