Father Hermit Fish Mass

Hermit Fish is a Monk. He is cool about living as a Monk. His retreats are healing beyond words, because of The Holy Spirit, The Dove, The quiet good unseen through words, the sound and cadence of voice and the humble manner in presentation. https://hermitfish.com

To listen to Father Hermit Fish Mass, visit the website and click on “Easter Mass Audio – Michael Fish, OSB. CAM“, https://hermitfish.com, 04122020 uploaded 04172020

As a suggestion to prepare is to bathe shower clean away other energies in your field and wash with water. Put on fresh, clean clothes, and lie down to listen with one hand on your heart energy center in the middle of your chest, and one hand on your abdomen or root chakra. Invite the presence of The Holy Spirit, The Mother Mary and receive prayerfully with grace the kind word sounds and vibrations from Father Hermit Fish. You will be blessed.

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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