LONGEST BRIEFING YET: President Trump & WH Task Force FULL Thurs Briefing, You Tube, FOX 10 Phoenix, 04022020, uploaded 04022020.

  • Never done this before.
  • Were going to have 6 Trillion Dollars
  • Limited ability to do direct loans from the Treasury
  • Direct Deposit
  • Realize there are under banked people
  • Strict BiPartisan Requirements with bill
  • 3 Financial Advisors and 3 Law Firms will be releasing information shortly
  • No big fees to Bankers.
  • Full Transparency
  • We want to keep our airlines in tac
  • Loans that turn into grants.
  • We want you to have a business that you can reopen quickly
  • Sole proprietors and independent contractors covered under this program
  • Charities covered
  • The New SBA Program Faith based are covered under the PPP

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