Stress Management. Let Go Of #Anxiety. #HealerBusiness

Reference: Stress management let go of anxiety meditation, by Alannah Mae, 03272020, You Tube. Uploaded 03272020

Alannah Mae imbues calm, soothing, gentle, steady voice as you listen to her guided meditation. Suggestion is to lay down and close your eyes. Practice breathing in several deep breaths to the count of 6 and let that breath out to the count of 6, while your body relaxes to gentle kind guidance. Alannah is a California License Massage Therapist reading induction script from The Hubbard Education Group, by Ariel F Hubbard.

Ariel F Hubbard Education Group, offers online courses in various healing modalities, including hypnotherapy, massage therapy and reiki. The reiki education includes The Divine Feminine Vibration such as The Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, The Divine Goddess, The 3 in 1 Feminine. Other feminine vibration symbols are the LENSOMAI, unconditional love and the Kristave for the Christ and of course many more feminine vibrating language symbols like forgiveness, mother clearing, mental clearing, foundation building, divine purpose, Universal Life Force Energy. Hubbard Education Group.

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