Thank You

  • Thank You for fighting to protect American lives
  • Thank You for serving and loving American lives
  • Thank You from all Elders and Ancestors of those whom moved their families and homes to The United States at the beginning of the 1900’s.
  • Thank You for disaster relief funds of 45B.
  • Thank You for masks and respirators instead of missiles and rockets.
  • Thank You for taking care compassion with the hidden enemy the virus and being the middleman. You are #HealerBusiness.
  • Thank you BiPartisan Support LBJ Room
  • Small Business Retention Loans will cover 8 weeks salaries as long as they keep workers employed and overhead.
  • Companies have economic program.
  • Economic Impact payments direct payments into most peoples deposit accounts and for those who don’t have it in the mail.
  • 4T to support American Workers and Business.
  • 150B to support Corona expenses.
  • Congress moved swiftly.
  • Reference: Doesn’t Want To Test The Whole Nation. President Trump Wednesday Update. 03252020. You Tube, FOX 10 Phoenix. Uploaded 03252020.

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