Activate Your Light Codes

  • Lay and activate the Light Codes.
  • This is just the beginning
  • There are so many beings surrounding you now on call waiting.
  • You created this, not them.
  • We will right by your side waiting for you to remember, its time to co-create with them.
  • Do not have time any more for waiting
  • They do not have names
  • Our job is to activate our light codes, keep turning them on so we can do the work we are here to do.
  • If your listening to this message, you are ready and its time
  • Please say you are clearing things because we are done with that
  • We gotta be more prepared for the next round of collective purges, which means we gotta be standing in the knowledge, understanding, frequency and awareness which is even higher than the first wave of purges.
  • Activate light codes by laying down and calling in your family of light, call in your team that you created you designed to activate the light codes and surrender to the time, its simple, its time, and you are ready.
  • REFERENCE : Current Energies / Activate Your Light Codes. Lorie Ladd, You Tube, 03222020, uploaded 03232020

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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