March Madness #COVID-19

Reference: March Madness! Virus Going Away Soon! Sedona Psychics Speak March 2020. by Joseph P. Anthony, 03162020 You Tube, Uploaded 03172020.

Magen Martinez –

  • Aquarius Energy on March 21 when the planet Saturn moves into Aquarius.
  • Aquarius Energy Vibration likes Unconventional, Surprises, Out of the ordinary, non traditional, and in January Aquarius will square with Uranus. The square will bring in new.
  • Dismantling of the fed
  • Travel Ban
  • Boeing made an announcement about bank issues
  • Zero hedge
  • Waltons made an announcement of transferring 48B into Family Trust
  • 5 states passed law that gold and silver can be used as currency
  • Changes taking place behind the scenes
  • Bitcoin is good
  • Bringing many factories back to The US
  • New Moon activates
  • Be the calm

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