60 Days of Meditation 5X’s a Week, Change Your Life. Transcendental, Quantum

Dr Joe Dispenza (2020) – CORNOVIRUS – They Don’t Want You To Know this, 03122020, by JustMotivation, You Tube

  • 10 minutes a day 3 times a day measuring their response, their chemical, hemoglobin, bacteria, viruses, the best flu shot.
  • When your frustrated impatient, your immune system shuts down.
  • That chemical elevates when people open their heart.
  • Your inner state is greater than your outer world.
  • Body naturally produces anti everything in 4 days, the gene switches on for more balance if you just practice inner work.
  • Amount of energy during transcendental moment to the brain.
  • Vitalistic model that there is energy, information, trillions of cells per second in your body and become present enough with that to give it some instruction.
  • When we are in crises or trauma we end up focusing on what we don’t want.
  • Quantum Model Of Reality explains everything better
  • The Power That Made The Body Heals The Body but be completely present with it.

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Kat. K. M. M.Ed

Author of: How to Feel and Understand Love Attraction Send Love...the unseen realm needs love too! Carcassonne - Oracle at Delphi - Romantic Love Heals Magi of Genghis Kahn Love attraction Oracle Cards Love is evolving and my own love relationships are evolving. My art is evolving. My healing work is evolving.

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