The Three Waves Of Volunteers & The Coming New Earth

Reference: Delores Cannon: The Three Waves of Volunteering & The Coming New Earth, 10012015, You Tube, uploaded 03122020

  • Time travel through imagery and visualizations
  • Source of all knowledge
  • Past lives are the beginning, going back in time and really living what happened to you.
  • @19:17 did UFO work
  • @19:30 Going beyond UFO’s giving complicated Metaphysical concepts they said “Some of your questions will never be answered.”
  • @19:51. They said “Some Knowledge Is A Poison Rather Than Medicine.”
    • Because the human mind cannot understand dimensional information and there is nothing in the human mind can handle the totality as it is way beyond us.
  • The human body is a miraculous machine that can take care of itself
  • Everybody has a problem
  • Alternative Healing, The Natural is the therapy of the future.
  • The Mind is Powerful – Every ache pain symptom is a message to you and once you receive the message and understand it, the pain will go away.
  • Say No to Drugs and use natural herbs
  • Oracle Is The Divine Feminine
  • There are counsels
    • They keep watch over all planets
    • They have rules and regulations they live by
    • In the counsels are histories
    • Evolutionary Theory and Creationist Theory
    • Humans have been caught on a wheel of Karma

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