Current Energies / Contact W Star Beings #LorieLadd #HealerBusiness

  • I feel it, whatever it is, I am not attaching to it, not judging it, because I am being multidimensional.
  • As I am feeling sadness, I am also feeling love joy and peace.
  • Your experiencing consciousness and your standing in all three dimensions 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and now they are merging together, experiencing the lower and higher frequencies in all dimensional fields in the now, without attachment or judgement. Its a merging.
  • Practice getting even more conscious when you are in your now.
  • Ok right now I might be experiencing sadness but I am standing in my multi dimensional body in my multi dimensional space floating between 3 dimensional fields all at the same time.
  • The physical body continues to merge into higher frequencies. As you get higher, the lower consciousness are not experienced as much.
  • Quantum field. The collapsing of fields into one multi dimensional field now.
  • Massive expansion. Feel it. Observe it. Detach. I am experiencing sadness, fear, depression.
  • Your accessing 5 d and 4d even tho you are in 3d consciousness.

Reference: Current Energies / Contact w/ Star Beings. Lorie Ladd, You Tube, 03092020 uploaded 03102020

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