Soul & Consciousness #HealerInformation #HealerBusiness

  • Sit in Silence.
  • Listen to the voice behind the thoughts. When we practice listening to the voice behind the thought then that is the voice behind public personna.
  • We are so caught up with the self
  • Become aware of the world inside you
  • The world you choose and start to become an agent of change within that
  • Wisest lifestyle to lead: Get into the habit of NOT GIVING SORROW or Taking SORROW from anyone.
  • Soul comes from a place of silence and when we live from that essence is amazing.
  • Reference: The Realm of The Soul, Collective Consciousness & Wisdom for Society & Politics, Pt. 1 Sister Jenna. You Tube 03072020, Alyson Stoner uploaded 03082020

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Kat. K. M. M.Ed

Author of: How to Feel and Understand Love Attraction Send Love...the unseen realm needs love too! Carcassonne - Oracle at Delphi - Romantic Love Heals Magi of Genghis Kahn Love attraction Oracle Cards Love is evolving and my own love relationships are evolving. My art is evolving. My healing work is evolving.

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