Deep Healing Energy 528Hz #HealerMusic

Reference: Deep Healing Energy / 528Hz Ancient Frequency / Zen Meditation, by Spirit Tribe Awakening. You Tube, 02262020 uploaded 03082020.

I listened to the three (3) hours of peaceful, calming, soothing music while Allowing the video to play beautiful scenes of nature and ocean wave movement. I felt while listening and watching at the same time while going through necessary paper work helped Bring extreme calm release to my frontal lobe area of my mind while watching the waves, the colors, the visual stimulations, as if watching these beautiful scenes told myself to relax. Then read the following statement of the video description:

“These frequencies have a specific healing affect on your subconscious mind.”

Did you have the same experience while watching and listening?

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

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