Black Ops 101 – Read Psalm 88 #HealerArt

Difficult to listen and absorb the information. However, the colorful pictures, some arty are nice to look at and give kindness to this information. Please forgive this posting. I am Sorry for this information, Thank You for receiving, I love you for Letting Others Vibration Evolve.

Putting together a video takes skills. Especially with the Arty, colorful pictures included in this funnily delivered information. Healing is within everything. Suggestion is to read Psalms 88 before viewing this video. Use the skill of reflection and write the active verbs and adjectives used to describe what David was feeling.

Because the information within takes deep reflection on ones own part. Then read Psalms 13. Make sure you do self reflexology. Following is a quick step by step Guide for Self Reflexology:

  1. Bring your foot up to your knee.
  2. With your thumb massage the foot.
  3. Stop where there is pain and massage out rubbing over the area at least 3 to 5 times.
  4. Make sure you rub the spine part of your foot up to the big toe. These correlate to your spine and head.
  5. Breath in and let your stress release.
  6. Smile
  7. Then Massage your other foot.

Kat Kem Healing

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