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Apologize in Advance for copying and pasting directly here for your resonance. Powerful transmissions received through working directly with Love Has Won Ascension Clearing Sessions.

We bring you online and into the higher states of Consciousness that are needed to engage Mission. Our Surgery Team is always evolving and Has Expanded since we began this in August 2014, when Kryon of Magnetic Service Came to MotherGod and said we had a very intense issue on the planet which was preventing the natural ascension process in Humanity’s Bodies and began training her in removing implants. This began with Kryon and Master St Germain

The 5D Surgical Team is made of Galactic beings trained in 5D surgery and 5D technology who meet Mother God ~ Mother of Creation, in the etheric field during spiritual healing procedures. These beings are part of a direct-assistance surgical team of the Galactic Federation of Light. Our 5D Spiritual Healing Team includes both physically incarnate and etheric or galactic BEings, many of which You are likely familiar with. The 5D Surgical Team is truly an A-Team of Masters making our Paradigm-leading Organ Repair and Brain Surgery procedures possible. (All implants were dissolved in December 2015)” 

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