Holly’s Chinese Reflexology Training

Watching her video presentation made me feel relax. As Holly brought the meditation through to the Dragon Meditation, My body felt deeper relaxed and easily visualized the image description Holly guided http://Chinese Reflexology for Self-Love & Optimal Wellness: A Self-Applied, Holistic Approach to Addressing Health Issues & Igniting Your Innate Power as a Woman.

Highly recommend participates take advantage of this online workshop through The Shift Network. Holly has worked in the IT industry and became a healer #HealerBusiness after working through her own self healing. She is offering this information through a series of online modules. The Modules provided are organized so the mind has time to assimilate the information and practice on the self the massage techniques offered during class time.

Holly’s tips of the reflexology practice, self reflexology practice will empower any novice to begin self massage, healing massage, through reflexology and learn your own body map and responses to sore tender spots on the feet and legs. The sore spots on the body tell where these meridian points correlate to other parts of the body or organs and stimulate healing to those other parts of the body naturally.


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