Higher Self #LorieLadd

Techniques To Assist In Hearing Your Higher Self And Guides, Lorie Ladd, You Tube, 03052020.

“As you begin to trust the higher guides, the nudges that your hearing, how do we navigate this. Remember we are standing in a very dense energy. When you start connecting to yourself it is energy connecting to energy. You are remembering how to be an energetic being. You are learning to telepathically communicate with these aspects and higher dimensional beings.”https://youtu.be/w_-Mn6wrUHQ

  • Your frequency merges together with your higher self. Its like the ego and your personality navigating yourself and higher dimensional beings are around you with an energetic pulse or frequency.
  • Sounds like your own voice, filtered through your own mind, your own system. We hear it like words.
  • Technique: Believe. You believe what you hear.

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