Healer people form The shift Network sent the following email. I do hope you will be able to view the video Holly talks about “Chinese Reflexology”. All Reflexology is helpful for the body. If you have the funds I recommend studying this practice.

Reference The Shift Network email to katkemm@gmail 03032020 @1:02 PM.

Chinese reflexology is a proven, ancient practice — yet I’ll always find it fascinating that massaging certain points on my feet can help me release negative emotions.The level of detail Holly Tse offered during the encore of her online event was amazing. It was riveting to watch Holly’s step-by-step Chinese reflexology demonstration with a live model…We didn’t want you to miss any of Holly’s healing insights, so we recorded the event for you:Reconnect to Your Inner Brilliance with Chinese Reflexology: 
Clear Blocked Energy & Return to Self-LoveAs you watch, be sure to listen for some exciting new details about Holly’s new training, Chinese Reflexology for Self-Love & Optimal Wellness: A Self-Applied, Holistic Approach to Addressing Health Issues & Igniting Your Innate Power as a Woman.Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll clear toxins and harmonize your life-force energy with ancient Chinese techniques designed to help you thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually.With Holly’s unique blend of Chinese Reflexology and Dragon Spirit teaching, you’ll develop your ability to de-stress quickly and easily, calm anxiety, and balance frustrating hormonal shifts — anywhere and anytime.You’ll feel empowered to build, nurture, and sustain your own emotional and physical wellbeing. Holly’s teachings, which may even help you prevent major diseases, are self-soothing nourishment for your heart and soul.Chinese Reflexology benefits your entire being — body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit — as well as the important energetic links between your organs…Find out all the details — including how you can register — here: Chinese Reflexology for Self-Love & Optimal WellnessJennifer Myers Warmly,

Jennifer Myers
The Shift Network Transformation TeamP.S. This bonus gift will disappear in a few hours…Register for Holly Tse’s new 7-week live video training, Reconnect to Your Inner Brilliance with Chinese Reflexology: Clear Blocked Energy & Return to Self-Love, by Midnight Pacific TONIGHT, Tuesday, March 3, and you’ll get instant access to this bonus gift:Dragon Spirit Circle on Self-Care
Video Webinar With PDF Companion From Holly TseThis Dragon Spirit Circle, recorded during the Full Snow Moon in February 2020, focuses on self-care and “me time.” If you’d like to take time to recharge and nurture yourself, this is the circle for YOU! Your connection to the Universe will be magnified by the collective energy of everyone participating.Listen to the recording of the Dragon Spirit Circle to:Gain insights into where to focus your self-care by powerfully connecting to the wisdom of your soul Learn how to tap into a Dragon Spirit “energy bank” to rejuvenate your energy levels when they’re feeling lowGet your soul’s perspective on how to resolve challenging situations and move forward with following your passions and your soul’s callingFind out more about Holly’s new program — and enroll by Midnight Pacific to access your gift!”ShiftNetworkEmailFooter-Short.jpgClick here if you don’t want to receive any more emails about this event.
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