Kat Kem Healing and Lent 2020


Practicing Lent is amazing.  How to describe amazing? I do not know why, especially after 60 years of living on the planet and having grown up around this vibrational energy practice, I never appreciated, understood, the practice of Lent and the support spirit brings in the form of answers to prayers.  For instance, painters and construction workers have been at the house for the past 90 days. This last group of painters that came through, one of the painters took interest in John N. Englund, purchase somewhere in the world of a box, and this box looks like one of the boxes I see at the Altar where people adore Christ?  I do not get why that box had so much energy. Well, I was working in the space where this box sat, going through family books, pictures, past energy, stuff of others, that is so emotionally draining sometimes to get through the density of energy. Which one to keep? Which one to Give away, which one to throw away. These are the questions I go through processing through parental grandparental energy.  This is a big story and I hope I can tell it. But the bottom line I let the painter have the box. The next day he came and took the table the box sat in. That night while walking back home, I noticed the energy of that table and box had left the house. So what does this all mean. Especially when Kent Dunn said “We are going backwards” (02252020 The Quantum Shift, Dr. Sam Mugzzi, & Kent Dunn, You Tube).  

The house is the house I grew up in since age 2 or 4.  Mom and dad purchased the house either in 1962 or 1964.  Most likely in 1962 which would put me at 2 years old. The parents moved from Los Angeles County in the city of Lancaster, a little earlier and rented a house at the back bay on the edge of Newport Beach.  Mom said, she thought ghosts were there, or some “bad energy” was there and she was unhappy, so as soon as dad arrived home from Aeronutronic Ford, where he worked as an Electrical Engineer, they found the house and bought it that night.  Went back to their place, packed up and moved right in. Mom said, she” laid us kids on the floor and enjoyed the peace that is there”. That peace is still present and continues with good peace vibrational energy. So, when the painter took the table that held the “sacrament” box, I said, “Ok” 

1.  Since,  I have been asking that table where it wants to go and who to give it to, because something like that is priceless, there cannot be a price put on something that brings a person so  much joy, kindness and remembrance of peace. So, I can only say this is a “sacrament box” My grandfather John N. Englund picked up somewhere on his travels across Europe and Greece.  Grandfather was a Pentecostal Lay Spokesperson for the Assembly of God Church, who left so many writings and opinions of his travels, books, and that “sacrament box” and table!  

2.  The saints, the spirits, the ghosts of etal who transitioned help all those who are at the house, and they told that painter to “take the table, without asking”, because that table really needs to be somewhere else helping energetically those other people who have it, now. 

As I walked home after going to Our Lady Mount Carmel and practicing lent through The Stations Of The Cross, I really noticed the energy of the sacrament box and table left the house.   Like something the opposite of greed, maybe poverty consciousness? That painter really liked it, and he was the first person, so I let him have it. That Sacrament box and Table will go where it is supposed to be.  In reflection, once those items left the house is when the books, or the spirit of the books started talking to me. Some of them want to remain with me, while some of these just want to be put in the trash so they go to the landfill and another sees them years in the future, and maybe some want to receive a donation of these.  My faith is through practicing lent, I will be discerning with these resources and listen to where they want to go. This is what I ask, as I give up rage. Thank you.  

A couple indications, this is a “Sacrament Box” that I was not aware of is, I had brought my Very Catholic New Friend, who is difficult, has much suffering that she wears on her sleeve and just needs to flip her negative thoughts toward LOVE as in Letting Others Vibration Evolve.  Do you know what that lady said to me? The vibration felt very harsh but realize it’s a compliment to my inside inner spiritual practice work of clearing balancing harmonizing aligning transmuting, transforming all my family DNA energies around the past vibration of The Church. She doesn’t know my background but I met her for coffee and in her bitterness she spits out “You are Simple!”  By the way, this is just a fact, not gossip, because she complains about everyone. I Corinthians, in Paul’s Letter to the early church told them to not gossip or complain. Good reason for this, because what I talk think about is what I am manifesting. Thank you mirror for showing me my own self through her. I like to manifest LENSOMAI, unconditional Love, The Divine Mother, of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and The Divine Goddess, whoever this may be, and maybe it is my own within inner soul heart because that soul has been through this before on another timeline and it is also in my DNA family on the Merkle Family Timeline of Catholic Church History.   

Well anyways,  I had brought her to this room of my mothers and she just loved the energy of that room.  Hilda Sherman is her name and she frequently visits the

 “sacrament box “ often at Busche center over in Newport Beach off Dupont and Jamboree Road area, over by the business’s and Court.  That is where I noticed a “sacrament box” small with gold stuff around it sitting high up, so I suppose those pieces will get a message back to me, where I can write and let you know later.  

  I am practicing forgiveness of self for not respecting or appreciating the value of practicing with this energy.  This practice is so supported. Tried, true and tested through the Fraternal Male Business Organization called Catholic Church.  The True Church. Thank you for having this container where people like me can go and practice their own inner work with god. Please forgive me for being such a bitch my entire life and discounting how healing your vibrational energy is the container you made to help me, who was raised in it, coming out of it, through the sticky dark magic those outside have created.  Navigating through this dark goopy sticky dense vibrational energy, reiki symbol vibration really helps. Really helps. I do not understand the intelligence of reiki energy, but things seem to smooth out the dense thick line vibrational energy of black white duality to more kindness, mary mother mary magdalene, lensomai unconditional love balancing harmonizing aligning with divine feminine energy.  The Catholic church is really good to help keep divine masculine divine femine balance. 

 There is a fine “chop-stick” size line that the person has to remain on to stay centered and not go into rage, but acceptance when items of value leave our presence, especially when asking spirit for guidance. 

 I am sorry and I love you for your sacrifice of time away from your family to lead people like me.  But I would really like to have my husband return and safe travels for my daughter as she plans. I get why she wants to visit her father in Thailand, she misses him.  I do too. She wants to travel to Europe. My High School reunion is in Europe. I’m not that excited to attend. I do not have the funds right now to plan such an occasion.  Rupert is older now, and really needs a lot of emotional attention, grooming, teeth cleaning every night, eating high vibrational plant food mixed special. I do not know. I give suffering up to god about all this.  I just really have to remain present and LOVEVOLVE try at least.  

http://www.katkemhealing.com May you feel the receiving of The Kristave, The Divine Mother, The Lensomai, The KSAMA.

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