“Shifting Out Of One Bubble to Another Bubble”

Referencing some information from:  Lorie Ladd 02162020    “We are forced to be in these new ways.  We are having to end things. Feel intensely things we have and leave systems no longer feels good to.  Breaking out of systems. It is everywhere and most of the humans around you are not doing that yet, but you are, because you are the wayshower.  Requires new ways of thinking. New ways of being. You have to trust the inner resonance. Your field tells you yes or no, you need to take this action, so when you step into new ways of being you go against the grain, in order to open the dimensional field for the rest of humanity.  When we hold the dimensional field in our body and that means our denser form is vibrating in that higher frequency. 

The Denser humans start to notice that frequency and choose to step into that frequency, the 4th dimensional realm, we are being in that, and it’s not enough just to be joy we have to be and honor we what we believe as our truths.  You may not believe in relationships that others believe, the whole corporate system, the taxes, the way we live in community. It’s all going to shift for you, because you have to show the rest of humanity where we are going. So now all these people are talking about a belief system and nothing resonates.  You’re going to have to start speaking your truth. 

Our job is to honor their frequency, and consciousness.  They do not know you are a way shower, because when you start moving into these higher frequency, and your job as a starseeker, wayshower, is not to tell anyone how to be.  Your job is just to be and that is your wayshower. (Hawk just flew by) You have to actually be it so your choices are in higher states. People are not going to understand it.

I have to be it.  Take action. Cannot hide and pretend.  I have to be me. You want to be firm in your sovereignty and truth and you don’t want to push your beliefs and truth.  Your speaking the truth when you feel the need to hold your soveriegn space. We show as example. We are being an example.  It is about being.  

You have to trust.  You have to jump. Trust.  Go. What your going to notice is that whatever this push is, this jump is, its going to look like you are literally doing something that most humans would not.  So pay attention when you break out of one dimensional field into another dimensional field you are breaking out of linear boxed in paradigms systems being a wayshower in this physical form on earth, to show the way.  Even if you are lying on the couch for weeks, you are still a wayshower in a quiet world. The journeys are unique.

You are still anchoring that 4D even if you are flat on your back 3 weeks sick.  You are showing the way by honoring yourself, having compassion for yourself, by not beating yourself up.  Can you have compassion for yourself loving yourself trusting that it is all okay.

No matter what your reality, there are subtle things in your now that you are being asked to do differently.  Pay Attention. Get alert and you will see that you are doing things differently, you are being different. Thank you for being on the earth plane now, in this massive conscious shift in consciousness, and if your young and new and just beginning to awaken, you will get through it faster.  Remember you are surrounded by beings of light that you can call in anytime. I love you and will see you next time.”

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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