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Yes, it is difficult to talk about disclosure especially when one is living in the middle of what full disclosure will bring energetically to the human heart, and getting humans open to receive the love that full disclosure will bring is like fighting a war against their own negativity computerized brain response.  

Power structure is no more power than what you the person allow to receive information in your field.  @6:45 James talks about the children not talking about it. Adults do not talk about it. Maybe they do not know how to talk about it.  I think they are all around us, interacting with us each and every day, and the more our heart opens to receiving them, because their love and acceptance reverberates in the heart chakra and it takes a few weeks to process the energetic attunement received.  

Who’s on the craft.  How do they live? What do they have to offer the Earth?  Do they have healing technologies?  

  “It is about Consciousness and that is scary non-the less.” (11:22- 12:22)

On the day of Kobe Bryant’s Passing Transition, my friend and I skipped mass and went to the beach.  That day, the beach was beautifully weird. The water was wild, and while I was taking pictures of the Ocean for http://katkemm.pixels There is a picture on 01262020 and during this time a craft was flying along the coast and then turned right out to the ocean.  During the time while I was photographing the ocean, I kept saying “I need to take a picture of that craft, but it’s not a blimp, it’s not an aircraft, but it is majestic at the same time as being not pretty.  The craft is not that pretty or attractive. However, there is a wonderful vibration of opening of love, of knowing, that, there is a vibration of attunement that happened. I am feeling love again. This is wonderful.  It feels wonderful to feel love vibration of acceptance from another human. I feel like moving back to my old neighborhood, let go of the childhood home, the parents life, and embrace this new life I am attracting and its fun! Yes, they have healing power.

@ 28:09 she talks about “Pulses, and it’s the most amazing connection to feel”  This is true, it’s almost an awe feeling, but how to talk about this great acceptance and adjustment vibrating across the heart chakra.  It is magic. Takes time to process. Process my life, and being in the middle of living with people who were already reptile based and draco based and there is lots of love, but with negative love patterns.  They love their families, and those they chose to live with bring into their homes. They are not always completely faithful and monogamous, but they have been fabulous business managers, creators, container makers, keeping the family home going with their money earning power, and love for their family.  They are not easy to live with, it takes time to slide between their anger and rages, and process their attacks of abuse. BUT their abuse has made corrections in living, and in right living. Humans are best served to live within the Ten Commandments because breaking these lead to disconnection with source, with their source of information and leads to a road of the 7 deadly sins, of greed, wanting more, screaming “I want more”, when they the reptile and draco withdraw and have given enough and earning money bringing money, doing business deals is just part of their game of living, and really means nothing to them, except having power.  They, the craft ships have power no matter what but are displaying grace for humans to see and love them too. @34:33 James talks about something very sensitive, and requires deep love for self, especially deprogramming from raised in the middle of that energy and not knowing that label James gave, was really what it is.  

Thank you. CAMTC #149844

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