8 Ounce Glass Jar

1 ¾ cup Epsom Salts

¼ cup Baking Soda

5-10 Drops of Lavender or Stress Away

Jen says to “put all ingredients in an 8 Ounce Glass Jar, shake and pour the entire contents into your bath.”    As a suggestion and practical solution to extending your bath salts for more baths: Add two (2) generous tablespoons of Bath Salt Recipe into your warm bath water with extra drops of Lavender or Stress Away Young Living Essential Oils or your choice!  As you relax in your warm relaxing bath, bring your feet up into the Yoga Tree Pose and rub a drop of oil onto the bottom of your feet while massaging the tension away. After both feet are done, sit back in the bath, put one drop onto your palms, rubbing the palms together then bringing your palms up to your face inhaling the wonderful aroma of the essential oil into your senses.  

Reference:  Essentially Driven.  The Young Living Essential Oils® Business Handbook.  Jen O’Sullivan. (p.26)

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