Yoga, for me, provides time to go inward.  Through yoga I am able to release and stretch the body to help it relax deeper.  Sometimes, emotions will come up with a memory and I will be able to consciously relate the emotion that is releasing to the incident that caused it.  

  I was in Triangle Pose, and felt resentment release, about a Teacher Test called The RICA I had to pass before taking University Courses for a California Clear Teaching Credential as an Education Specialist.  I took the test two times and missed passing the last time by five (5) points! The test costs $175.00 each time to take the Federal Standard Test for Teachers. To think that this resentment sat in my body, until a certain pose, a certain way would release that energy is hard to wrap my head around.

                It is through these releases, and revelations that come through doing yoga that help to answer the question of why?  And I have come to the same conclusion as David Alexander English that “Everyone has something to teach us; we have something to learn from every soul born…”  English, D.A., Day 193, 20). Yoga is that soul teacher and I have something to learn through the practice of yoga.

  Being a yogi, to me,  is a discipline and a lifestyle that is supported by a yoga practice, complemented with proper diet, writing, art process, massage, reflexology, Young Living Essential Oils, and teaching in various forms.  


English, David Alexander.  2018. Divine Communion ? “…Some of what the universe has given me to understand…”  Divine Metaphysics #106. Handbook of the Infinite & Immortal Children of the Light… David Alexander English.

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