SPED 322  CSUF 2/15-2/23

Wrap Around Services for Lamar

Lamar is a 3rd grade student, who lies and steals.  The Social Worker and PBIS coach met with Lamar’s mother in her home in the month of February.  The outcomes show in April this positive support system helped Lamar and will help other students, if used.

     My Principal and others will look at the following charts to see the flow of Lamar and Mother strengths/needs/behaviors/feelings/interventions and outcomes which shows the importance of supporting students with emotional or behavioral disabilities using the Wraparound philosophy.

The Wrap-Around philosophy is “Community based, culturally relevant, individualized, strength based and family centered.” (http://www.pbis.org/school/tertiary_level/wraparound.aspx. 2/18/16)

Lamar’s Strengths                                           Mother’s Strengths

Helpful at homeKeeping son’s safe (Lamar has 5 yr old bro)
Enjoys playing piano & guitarEnjoys reading with the boys
Sense of humor w/ peersInsightful about Lamar’s behavior
Very good at ArtWants to attend College
Contributes to class discussions
Good w/ hands on activities
Likes laminated things

Lamar’s Needs Mother’s Needs

Has no peer contact outside of schoolCommunity support regarding her disability
Needs Eye examDisability is blindness
Needs community involvementFearful about letting boys out to play and she might not find them due to her visual disability

Examined Behavior of Lamar Mother Examines Lamar’s Behavior

Exaggerated stories about his lifeFelt Lamar’s behavior due to his being helpless about life circumstances
Stealing involves: Pencils/Post It Notes/Other school suppliesFelt behavior due to life circumstances and feeling helpless

Designed Interventions

Lamar                                                                              Mother

Increased sense of belonging/confidence
Attend after school gymNo transportation but Principal & Social Worker provide after school transport
Eye examInvestigate community based network re: visual disability
Curriculum adaptations
Increased prompts & reinforcements
Instruction in good manners/respectful voice/words
Ability to laminate Art when school wide expectation are met


Lamar Mother

Grades better
Feel & act more confident
Received glasses
Participation in open gym- satisfied
Happier/More respectful tone

May Outcomes

Lamar disrespectful behavior increased and more prompts and reinforcers were used.  Mother shared with Social Worker on phone and Lamar overheard her crying about her increased blindness.  Mother felt Lamar’s recent behavior of disrespect was related to incident at home.  

Ongoing Monitoring

Lamar                                                                     Mother

Visit to 4th/5th grade planned. Functional Behavior Assessment completedConnected w/local agency to assist her visual disability.
Wrap Around team will remain involved

From the Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Volume Three, Educational Applications https://moodle-2015-2016.fullerton.edu/course/view.php?id=75031  (2/18/2016)

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