TRANSITION PLANNING         SPED 482a FALL 2017       

REFERENCE:  Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs, (2018), Polloway, Patton, Serna, Bailey

“Career development should be viewed as a lifelong process that begins at the preschool level and continues past retirement.” (p.353).

     As teachers we have to “make students aware of various careers and occupations.” (p.353)

We need to begin early in a child’s schooling and every elementary level needs: 

  1. “Provide instruction and guidance for developing positive habits, attitudes, and values toward work and daily living.
  2. Provide instruction and guidance for establishing and maintaining positive human relationships at home, at school, and at work.
  3. Provide instruction and guidance for developing awareness of occupational alternatives.
  4. Provide instruction for an orientation to the realities of the world of work, as a producer and as a consumer.
  5. Provide instruction for acquiring actual job.
  6. Explore the variety of leisure activities, including hobbies and recreational activities.
  7. Discuss what is expected of and required from a contributing member of the community.
  8. Examine the responsibilities of maintaining a house or an apartment, assuming both an owner’s and a renter’s perspective.” (p.354)

As students move through school we need to include the following

  1.  “ Enhance occupational awareness and aspirations of students through career counseling.
  2. Conduct assessments for each student’s occupational interests and aptitudes.
  3. Integrate the assessment findings into the IEP.
  4. Provide students with community based training opportunities.
  5. Ensure the development of entry-level job skills.
  6. Provide job placement for and work supports.” (p.354)

Assessment needs to be a big part of this education program for students with an IEP and they can be done through a google form or doc that looks like this chart taken from page. 374.

What do you plan on doing after high school?

Working                                         Learning Living

What jobs are you consideringWhat would you like to study or get training in after high school?What do you like to do during your leisure time.?
What type of setting would you prefer to work in? (indoor, versus outdoor)How do you prefer to get information by reading or asking questions?What type of friendships do you enjoy having?
How would you find out more about the jobs you are interested in?How do you prefer to share information – by speaking, writing, or signing?How do you prefer to make decisions that affect your life?
In the next 2-3 years, how would you like the school to help you get ready for getting a job?In the next 2-3 years how would you like the school to help you get ready for going to college or entering a training program?In the next 2-3 year how would you like the school to help you get ready for being able to deal with everyday life in the community?
How will you disability affect you when you get a job?How will your disability affect you when you go to college or go into  a training program?How will you disability affect you when you live in the community?

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