Presentation of Station Teaching (a co-teaching style) for comprehension of vocabulary in The Big Wave.   The strategy is using strategy cards strategy in Yopp & Yopp – most recent edition. This lesson can be done over 3-4 days using all the words, or one day with 40 minutes of time using 5 words.

  1. Concept(s)

 “Big Wave”  Vocabulary Comprehension, using Strategy Cards

Grade level of the lesson: 4th – 

Lesson topic:  Vocabulary from The Big Wave.  Reference:  

Estimated time length of lesson: 20 minutes per station. For a total of 40 minutes.  With presentations will be 60 minutes.  

Co-Teaching Style:  Station Teaching.

  1. Materials and/or Technology

Pictures of each word.   Synonym Thesarus, and same with Antonym Thesarus or computer for student to look up word.

Computer, Colored pencils, blank paper, pencils

  1. Alignment with Standards Calif. Language arts

  1. Objectives

Students will increase comprehension, by taking a role, with 15-17 vocabulary words in “The Big Wave”, using the strategy of Strategy Cards, (puzzle).  

  1. Modifications

      This lesson can be done over 3 or 4 days, or 1 day, depending on how many words will be used for the students to gain comprehension:

STRATEGY: 1.  Each student will be given a colored card, or colored piece of construction paper.

2.  For each colored card there will be 5 roles per group.  (These roles can be switched each day)

  • Visual Image Creator
  • Synonym Finders
  • Antonym Finders
  • Writer
  • Summarizer/Questioner/Presenter

3.  Students will seek out other students who have the same colored card.  All the students with the same colored card will go to their particular station.  

4.  The first 20 minutes are spent with the students same colored card  group. The second 20 minutes are back at their table with their table group.  Together each student will share their piece of the puzzle found for each word.  For example: their visual image, the synonym, antonym, original sentence the word was written within.  This is where the summarizer/questioner job takes place. They will, with the help of their table rewrite a new sentence using the synonym of the word.  

5.  The words can be presented to the class. 

  1. Vocabulary/Literacy Skill
WORDMeaningSyonymAntonymVisual Image
BroadHaving relativelyVast, spacioussmall

Specify what you will do and what the students will do throughout the lesson.

  1.  Students will go to their particular colored card station for 20 minutes. Teachers Krucker will be at Visual Station.  Heil will be at either Synonym, Antonym, Sentence Station
  2. The second 20 minutes students will return to their tables, and share with each student in their table group, the learning they have with the set of words chosen for that day.
  3. Each student in the table group will plug in the information for the word and contribute to rewriting the sentence using the words’ synonym.  
  4. The words meaning, visual and rewritten word, using the synonym,  can be presented to the class, if time allows.  
  1. Focus/Motivation (Open)

Since students are reading “The Big Wave” by Pearl S. Buck, they already have an understanding of the wave movement, however, this story contains words that may not be understandable by a 4th grade student or an EL student.  The opening will be to show 5 previously picked words from the above list. 

  1.  The students will be asked if they know the meaning of the word?  Do they know the synonym of the word? Then explained to the students they will be given a colored card or construction paper.  They will find and match their colored card to a particular station. Krucker station, Heil station, or independent station. Students will then work in that station for approx. 20 minutes. 
  2. Development (Body)

At Visual Station:  Krucker will go through each of the selected 5 words one at a time to ask for student comprehension of the visual of each word.  Then show a picture of each visual and have students draw the visual of the word.

At Heil Station:  Heil will go through each of the same selected 5 words one at a time, to ask for student comprehension of the synonym, and/or antonym of each word.  Then facilitate in finding the synonym and antonym of the word.

At Independent Station:  The students will work independently but within a group to find the meaning of each of the 5 selected words and write the sentence in context of the word with the page number.

Summarizer/Questioner:  Will attend the station of visual and or synonym/antonym station as an observer or questioner and then during the second 20 minutes back in their class groups will assist and help in the rewriting of the sentence using the synonym.  This person will also be the presenter to the class their visual/and sentence using the original word and sentence using the synonym.

    This strategy in this lesson will reinforce hearing a word 10 times.  The idea of a student who hears and sees the word 10 times will gain, increase their comprehension of the word.

  • Closure (Close)
  • This lesson can be continued over 3 or 4 days, with a closure each day of one group presenting the word in their rewritten sentence.   Or this lesson can be done in one day with 5 selected words of the 17 words, using an entire hour with a final presentation by each group of their words.  
  1. Assessment

Assessment will be given at the end of the unit story The Big Wave, with included vocabulary words.  Informal will be daily, through observation, and formal will be whole unit test.

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