Stress AND Family

SPED 421 Fall 2016    Collaboration IRIS 4                                 

Post your IRIS#4 responses and be sure to follow the Discussion Forum Protocol as described in the syllabus.

Describe the range of emotions associated with being the parent of a child with special needs. Select two emotional states and describe how you as a teacher would you work with a parent experiencing these emotions.The range of emotions associated with being a parents of a child with a disability is an emotional roller coaster.  They deal with emotions of denial, guilt, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, and loss. Emotions go up and down. Teachers help by being sensitive and making themselves aware of how grief might play a part in the family’s experience.
Identify and describe three roles that a parent of a child who has a disability might undertake that are unlike the roles typically associated with parenting. Parents are case managers – overseeing all educational, health, and related services for the purpose of communicating for their child.2.  Parents are medical expert – understanding medical issues with their child and his/her disabilities.3.  Parents are Advocates – speaking out in the best interest of his or her child.4.  Parents are inclusion specialist – ensuring that his or her child is included in typical classroom activities and daily routines.
Reese is a young girl with cerebral palsy. Her primary means of mobility is a manual wheelchair, though she is also able to take a few independent steps. Reese’s parents have recently separated and are in the process of divorcing. Reese, her mom, and two older siblings have temporarily relocated and are now living in the upstairs of her grandparents’ house. As a result of the move, Reese has transitioned to a new school. Although her mom is generally very involved with her child’s education, there are currently many stressors in her life. Describe at least two of the stressors, besides divorce, that Reese’s mom might be experiencing and explain how you think they might affect her time and involvement with the school.Financial issues always become the norm when divorcing, along with all the stressors of parenting a child with a disability.  Its very difficult to more forward in life, with very little in financial help and having a child with a disability always requires more medical expenses and visits, so an educator sensitive to these issues.
Imagine you are a teacher in Reese’s new school. Describe three ideas you have for building a relationship with Reese’s family and how you would go about making the family feel welcome in your school. Give respect to Reese’s family, inquire as to how they would like to be address as Mrs, Ms, or by their first name.Build a relationship with the family, by communicating with notes home, positive notes home,  phone calls, emails, and include the parents as much as possible.Recognize the parents are the decision makers for Reece, and they (she, the mother) will be the ultimate decision maker. Understand the issues that most affect families and especially the family of Reece and their dealing with his disability.
Imagine that you, as Reese’s new teacher, have just returned from a visit to Reese’s grandparents. During your home visit, Reese’s mother vented about her failed relationship with her husband and the reasons for their divorce. Now the teachers in the teachers’ lounge are pushing you for the juicy details. What is your responsibility in this situation and why?My responsibility, would be to assure the other teachers, that all relationships go through good times and bad.  Every day is not the same positivity as another day, and especially when there are extra stressors, as having a child with a disability in the home, financial issues, health reasons, or any other compelling reasons, such as; changing on hormones within the adult body, growing apart emotionally, that we as teachers need to give this family respect, and love and to honor their time through this divorce.  After all, who are we to talk, as we each have our own relationship issues!

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