CSUF SPED 425 Sp 2016

          Resource EL’s w/ Autism

Activity Trainer

The Activity Trainer (AT) teaches skills improving acquisition rates across a wide verity of skills like academic, daily living, social, recreation, communication, and vocational. The Activity Trainer makes Video Modeling (VM) practical. The AT is the first designed player for video modeling supporting task analysis, sequences, data collection, and organization by student. There are over 300 activities in the product and you also have the ability to create your own.

Apex Spectrum Guide

Apex Spectrum Guide is a comprehensive, customizable, online Applied Behavior Analysis program designed to help children with autism spectrum disorder overcome their communication, cognitive and behavioral challenges.  Features include a comprehensive curriculum from the most basic behavioral skills to communication to advanced cognition; dozens of programs, hundreds of goals and thousands of targets and pictures; fully integrated interfering behaviors module; comprehensive assessment, goal plans, lesson preparation, and data collection and reporting.

Autism Education and Behavior Training Services

At Autism Education and Behavior Training Services, we understand the emotional struggles you face each day.  We provide educational training products for the dedicated people working with those affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.  We make all our DVD’s affordable and easy to use so everyone can take advantage of them. No formal education or training is required to be successful with our programs.  (I included this for reference, just in case there might be an app that I will use later on.)

Plickers App.  

    I love this app.  It is fun and EL students along with every student in the classroom see’s immediate feedback on the answer to their question.  

 At the beginning of the semester, the teacher hands out to each student an assigned chart.  This laminated chart has A/B/C/D written on each side. The student will hold up the letter A/B/C/D they are choosing for their multiple choice question.  Their answer letter needs to be on the top, facing the top as the hold the chart up facing the teacher. The teacher will use the ipad to scan the class and the students answer will show up on the front board.  The student has real time, ASAP answer back to their answering of the question. In this case, the class was Biology. Doing this weekly, allows the student to succeed a little more, and completely serves the EL student.  The EL student participates with the mainstream student and has the powerful learning while participating on a whole class basis.  

     The Plickers app can be found on the following website of 50 digital education tools.

Since, I have seen and participated with the app, I find it powerful/interactive/ and serves all the educational learners needs for learning:  i.e. visual/hearing/tactile/whole group participation/individual participation/immediate feedback/fun/rewarding/gratifying.  (dowloaded 2/27/2016)

PollDaddy – Quick and easy way to create online polls, quizzes and questions. Students can use smartphones, tablets, and computers to provide their answers and information can be culled for reports. – See more at:  (downloaded 3/7/2016)

VoiceThread – Allows you to create and share conversations on documents, diagrams, videos, pictures or almost anything. This facilitates collaborative student discussion and work. – See more at:  (Downloaded 3/7/2016)

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