SPED 322 Spring 2016

Week 3 PBIS references

“When you break a rule, or law, you might encounter negative consequences in the form of loss of privileges, fines, penalties or jail terms.” (p.269, Scheurmann).  We live in a punitive society. Everything we do relates to punitive punishment.

“Preventing serious violent behavior in schools requires a comprehensive approach that 

  • also prevents disruptive and disrespectful behavior
  • maintains dignity of students
  • maintains dignity of teacher
  • maintains dignity of other school persons”  (p.21, Janney & snell)

Discipline approach (p.23 Janney & Snell)

“     –   Be responsible

  • be respectful
  • be ready to learn
  • be cooperative
  • be safe”

(p.36, Janney & Snell)

“Teachers use structured lessons to teach skills in:

  • relationship building
  • communication
  • problem solving
  • understanding and managing emotions”

(p. 39 Janney & Snell)

“Lesson Sequence for Bully Prevention in PBS

  1.  Decide if someone is being disrespectful toward you or toward another student.
  2. If someone is not respectful toward you, then use the STOP signal – words and physical action
  3. As a bystander, if you see someone being treated disrespectfully , then use the STOP signal
  4. If you use the STOP signal and disrespectful behavior continues toward you or another student, then walk away and encourage others to walk away.
  5. If you walk away and disrespectful behavior continues, then talk with an adult.
  6. If someone say STOP to you, stop, then take a deep breath and go about your day.”

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