SPED 322 CSUF SP 2016

                                                                                         Forum post #3 2/9-2/16

PBIS Positive Behavior Instructional Supports.

Research states “when you say “I like a certain behavior,  the positive behavior increases.”

The video starts out saying “PBIS helps children make better choices about their behavior, leaving teachers free to focus on teaching.”  and continues to explain:

   “This allows for consistency to teach.”  Every classroom has a behavior monitoring chart which is multi colored.  There are wooden clips with the first initial of each students name written on the tip.   The chart is color coded with green color being at the top and wording such as this:

On Target (green color)
Think Chair
Loss of Recess
Call home

All students start off on green each day, and monthly announcements are made for the most students who “stay on green”.  “Stay on green” means their clip does not get moved.

Positive Behavior Support system focus on the students positive behavior.  The video shows a teacher giving a thumbs up, and giving buckley bucks to a student on target, while ignoring the student who is on their phone.  The teacher used proximity, by standing next to the student, and never stopped the lesson.

Positive behavior support system, allows teaching in how they need to behave, Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.  The video ends with Darth Vader saying “Never underestimate the power of positive behavior.”

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