Opinionated Public School

Module 2

Open discussion on an aspect of the reading that is of interest to me.  Share my initial response.

In reading (Fiedler, p. 3) “Forwarded all of her educational and medical records to the new school district 3 months prior to our move.  My first meeting with school staff during the summer was to develop Rachel’s IEP for the upcoming school year.  When I got to the meeting, I was handed a completed IEP the special education teacher had put together based on Rachel’s prior educationals records.  The school’s expectation was that I would simply agree to everything on the new IEP, I was stunned.”

My Response: 

 I was also a little shocked while reading this.  I had thought an IEP has to go through revision with the parents approval, and it happens every (3) three years.  This was shocking to me, unless the special education teacher was trying to be organized before the beginning of the school year.   However, usually, there is an overseer of the special education teachers, with a department chair, and maybe the department chair ordered this to be reconstructed, on their own software.  It is not spoken of within this reading, whether the school was bringing to IEP into their current software!

In reading (Fielder, p. 32) I was shocked to find an uptight, opinionated, teacher, who cannot tolerate that one of her students may have a homosexual parent and “could be harmful to the development of children and could prey on children.”   The teacher asked this parent to leave the classroom and “she explained that his presence was upsetting to the classroom atmosphere, and she didn’t think it was appropriate for him to stay in the classroom.”   

My Response: 

  The Principal had a lot of work to do to smooth things over and do some education of his staff.   I was shocked to read about this in this forum, but felt good to know, this can be openly discussed and talked about.

There are 2 (two) readings from Overton, that stood out for me:

  “Families play a vital role in the education of their children.  Foremost, that are generally the child’s first and most invested teachers.  Additionally, they create conditions that support and maximize the child’s behavior and achievement at school.  Families’ involvement takes many forms.” (Overton, p. 19)  and along this same thought in a different paragraph I read “they may serve as case managers for their children with disabilities, obtaining and coordinating medical services, educational services, and therapies.  Families are responsible for much of what a child learns in the first years. The family typically teaches the child’s first vocabulary and fosters concept development, including color and number concepts and labels” (p.19)

The second reading that inspired me:  “Every person has unmet potential and dreams or moments that serve as snapshots of a better self.  We grow when this potential is nurtured. When people feel good about themselves and can recognize their strengths, they can utilize these strengths to grow.  Respect and affirmation of our efforts fuels growth. The term empowerment has come to define this growth.”  (Overton, p. 24)  then the next chapter portion breaks down empowerment.

Empowerment as philosophy, empowerment as paradigm, empowerment as process, empowerment as partnership, empowerment as performance, empowerment as perceptions.

My Response to the Overton Readings: 

 I felt these readings reflected a more positive philosophical approach, and enjoyable reading related to education and its philosophy of growing the student through positive educational processes.  

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