Julie Ann Englund Merkle was born In Chicago, Illinois in the middle of the winter and depression in  December, 1932. Her mother and father, John and Irene Englund moved to the desert of Lancaster, California in the year of 1935 with their 2 daughters where Julie Ann grew up, met and married Fred Merkle, birthed 2 children, Carl and Katherine before moving with Fred to Costa Mesa, Ca. where Fred worked with Ford Aeronutronic. 

         Julie Ann traveled with her father all over the California desert, while her father preached in small pentecostal churches, Julie played the piano.  Julie went to Greece in 1953 as a Missionary, teaching sunday school, playing the piano. Julie graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 1956.  Fred and Julie married at the Assembly of God church in Lancaster on August 9, 1956 and moved to Costa Mesa in 1961, attending Central Bible Church on 23rd and Orange street until their move to The Hague, The Netherlands in 1975 where the entire family traveled all over Europe and Greece during the summers and then Saudi Arabia when Fred and Julie moved to the ARAMCO compound in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia until 1988 where they returned from overseas living, and became members of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.  Julie served St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in many many various roles, but mostly as a prayer warrior for everyone she came in contact with and especially for her family and extended family. Her prayer journals, and bibles have names written across scripture verses and all through the sides. Julie loved the lord with all her heart and where-ever she lived or travelled, she played the piano, singing, arranging small choral singing groups in both The Hague, and Dhahran, having piano recitals in her home around her French piano she bought in The Hague and eventually came fully involved in St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Music Ministry to serve the lord with all her heart for almost 30 years.  Julie wrote a memoir for her grandkids with a final note saying “I know that the Lord has walked with me all these days of my life and may you know and experience the “Goodness and grip of HIS (God’s) grace” in your life, Much love, Your Grandma, Julie Ann Englund Merkle.

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