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  November 1, 2015

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Philosopher of Metaphysics degree, MAYBE LOVE IS…LETTING OTHERS VIBRATION 


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Chapter 4:  Findings Page  11

Chapter 5:  Discussion Page  22

Chapter 6:  Summary & Conclusion Page  34

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Because we are spiritual beings in physical bodies, letting go of issues we have in our relationship with others, is important to each person’s unique evolution in their vibration of growing and learning as a soul.   

After the romantic love feeling fades, and the wounds caused by others to that person, begin to cause stress and frickson in a current intimate relationship, this is when the real work of love – letting others vibrations evolve, begin.

You see, for millennium of time, humans have been conditioned to believe love is being controlled or having the control over another, by living in a system of enslavement to dimensional forces, who use control mechanisms to do bidding for them.   This energy of, having been controlled, trickles down to our own individual lives, where if someone in our sphere of intimate love relationships, is not behaving or responding as we think they ought, we want to control them through finances, giving them money, or not giving them money, control them through emotions – by all the negative emotions of guilt, manipulation, fear, intimidation, and etc., or through religion – if you do not believe as I do, then you are going to hell, or you are bad or banned, or controlled through education.  Yes, as an educator, I believe in education, but having students go through schooling, is a form of control, so as parents, we can live our lives, and as government, the students will learn as we have dictated, and so on.  

All souls have the initial wound from leaving divine source to travel and live within the human body, while on earth.  We choose our body and family and further subsequent wounding, so we each learn, individually, and have the further soul growth for soul maturity.

The romantic love relationships we choose, are the fastest way to learn these lessons.  Because the warm feelings we have for the other person, get us into the relationship, and the intimacy within the relationship bring up old wounds for us to release.  The intimate relationship mirrors back to us, our own within, so we can face it once and for all, to say, okay, I let go of controlling that other person, (control through finance, emotion, religion, education) and focus on my own path of evolvement to the highest vibration as the soul can handle.  

Therefore, after committing to love others in our life, through a written marriage contract or through an agreement between the souls, it is essential to let them choose how they live their own vibration so they can evolve.  Some times, that other soul, we love, will choose a path that will not involve you, and that is okay, because we are not their god, we are not their soul, we not their keeper, but we are to love them, by letting their own vibration evolve.



The Physics Of Miracles, (2009)  Richard Bartlett, DC, ND.  Teaches how to access the discovery he  has made – a process that merges the science of subtle energy with our innate imaginations to produce measurable results.  By applying forces known to modern physics, he teaches to tap into states of healthy awareness from different moments, in essence, travel in time, and bring them into the present for immediate, profound results.

How To Win Friends & Influence People, (1998). Dale Carnegie.  Dale Carnegie original book was published in 1936, whereby this revised pocket book edition, discusses three fundamental techniques in handling people, the six ways to make people like you, the twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking, the nine ways to change people without arousing resentment and so on.  For more than sixty years the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this book has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

The New You, (2013).  Linda Dillon.  As respected channel for the Council of Love, guides the reader through previously uncharted territory within your own mind, heart and soul with this latest informative and inspired book.  through channelings from the Archangels – including Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, Gabrielle, and the Divine Mother, practical life exercises and insights; powerful, coded initiations, and attunements; and a series of 8 exclusive and essential downloadable mp3 guided meditations, Linda Dillon, and her heavenly gifts walk you through a life changing process to help you break free, unearth and be The New You.

M-Joy Practically Speaking, Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential, (2013).

Takes a brilliant journey into the nature of change and reality to discover the power you have within you to transform and is available to everyone within the field of the heart.  Universal consciousness and infinite potential are taught through the field of the heart as a portal to personal power and individual change.

Path Of Empowerment.   Pleiadian Wisdom For A World In Chaos.  (2004). Barbara Marciniak.  Challenges us to resist the age old forces that limit awareness.  She presents the Pleiadian keys to opening human consciousness to the unlimited possibilities of significant living, including how to activate your hidden potential by reading the symbolic reality of daily life, utilize the power of your sexuality to create greater intimacy and self expression, recognize the power of beliefs and emotions and the role they play in healing illness, release the feelings of powerlessness and embrace your innate ability to create your reality.

Facing Love Addiction.  Giving Yourself the Power to Change the Way you Love. (1992)

Pia Mellody.  Outlines the toxic patterns played out by love addicted and the unresponsive avoidance addicts to whom they are painfully and repeatedly drawn.  She clarify’s the distinctions between codependence and coaddiction. She describes how “love at first sight” can be the first step in the addictive cycle of attraction, fantasy, denial and obsession.  She shows how childhood experiences of abandonment or engulfment influence our choice of romantic partners, friends, and associates.  

The Light Shall Set You Free. (1996).  Dr. Norma Milanovich, Dr. Shirley McCune.  The Ascended Masters state this book is destined to transform the world.  Some of the greatest spiritual teachings from the ancient mystery schools, plus instruction on how to apply these teachings to our everyday lives.  In the past only adepts, saints, apostles, mystics and high priests, priestesses were all allowed access to this instruction. With this knowledge, these individuals ruled and empowered themselves and civilizations, using the power that came with this knowledge to create and heal.  The Ascended Masters decree that the time has come for everyone to learn these teachings and share in the responsibility for transforming their life and world.

Anatomy Of The Spirit, The Seven Stages Of Power And Healing. (1996).  Carolyn Myss, Ph.D.  Based on fifteen years of research into energy medicine, Dr. Myss’s work shows how every illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional and psychological stress, beliefs, and attitudes that have influenced corresponding areas of the human body.  By teaching how to see the body and spirit in a new way, this book, provides the tools for spiritual maturity and physical wholeness that will change your life.

Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings.  Working With The Intelligence In Nature. (2009).

Marko Pogacnik.  The book draws our attention to the lost harmony of the natural world which has been disrupted by the impact of human culture.  Tune in to the beings that make up the elemental kingdom, understand their role with the web of life, recognize the effect humanity is having upon the harmony of the natural world and discover how to bring humanity and the nature kingdoms back into alignment.

Unleash The Power Within.  Where The Impossible Becomes Possible. (2011).  Anthony Robbins.  There is always room in your life for thinking bigger, pushing limits and imagining the impossible.  Revolutionize your body, your emotions, your finances, and your relationships.

The Book Of Chakra Healing. (2013).  Liz Simpson.  A comprehensive guide to the ancient Indian system of chakras.  These centers of “spinning energy” in the body help maintain your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.  This book offers practical ways to work on your chakras and shows you how to unblock and rebalance your energy. Understand chakra healing involves, color, knowledge of ancient myths, archetypes, body work, crystals, meditations, visualization, open questions and affirmations.

The Great American Dividend Machine.  How An Outsider Became The Undisputed Champ Of Wall Street. (2015).  Bill Spetrino shows how you can achieve financial freedom, regardless of how much money you earn.  He explains how he became a millionaire, and the steps you need to take to become one, too. His philosophy is about being able to ignore the stock market chatter; it’s about buying companies at the right price, it is never about timing the markets or blindly following the herd.  You will learn how to: collect automatic quarterly dividend payments, benefit from the huge tax advantages to his strategy, increase your income without getting a new job, stop worrying about your financial future, preserve your hard earned money.



Over the course of four (4) years, while my long term marriage had shifted from one of eros love to one of family love, I took to writing two (2) self help books around the topic of love, and two (2) novels around love, but based in historical context and paranormal, metaphysical realism.  This brought me to the conclusion that love is really just letting the other person’s vibration evolve to their own journey of life. The marriage contract is just that, a contract, created by man, maybe inspired by god, but also meant for a corporation of enslavement to the other, when energies within the marriage union are not conducive to intimate involvement in all levels of intimate relating, such as: financial, emotional, religious, and educational.  

Through the writing of How To Feel And Understand Love Attraction (2012), Balboa Press, I brought each love attraction energy to the table and why each of those different love attractions happen.  Basically, they happen so the two souls can come together in a powerful way, to heal their past and confront that initial love wound.  Through the writing of Send Love…The Unseen Realm Needs Love Too.  I teach about the different levels of spirit; how these unseen energies can affect our current life and how to clear them from the aura and body.  Of course, this teaching was all based around love, because when a spiritual energy is attached to the person’s field, that spirit receives love, more kindly, than a command to get moving on out of that person’s field.  

The two (2) Novels I had published, up until this date of November 2015, were the result of past lives explored in deeper writings.  Writing about them, and researching each topic, The Oracle At Delphi. (2013) Balboa Press, and Carcassonne. (2013) CreateSpace, had my soul journeying and traveling to each site written about.  These brought great healing within the realm of understanding love and, letting go, of belief systems through the church’s teachings, I had been raised up within.  I came to understand that every person, we love, helps each of us to heal that initial love wound, and any other lives both past and present we have experienced.  

Since, I am a classroom teacher, I have taken a survey from tenth graders.  They were given 4 choices to choose from, on what they feel love is: 

72 students between the ages of 15-17 were polled on what they felt love is:

Painful  (7 of the students felt love is painful)

Peaceful (9 of the students felt love is peaceful)

Complete (19 felt love makes a person feel complete)

Other ( 22 of the students said love made you feel amazing)

4 students had no comment

11 of the students circled that love made them feel all the choices.

Please notice, I did ask, the students in the survey, whether they felt love = letting others vibration evolve.  When the student circled letting others vibration evolve, they also included, love felt peaceful and complete.  

A former husband chose that “Love is painful” on my google + page, as you can see from  katkemm google+ poll .  Please feel free to add your opinion in the poll.  



The L in LOVE                                             

LOVE is a four letter word.  When broken down into each letter L equals letting, learning, leading, loyal, listening, life,  Letting will bring the learning and the leading to be loyal in all things especially when it comes to listening to life!

When we allow others vibration to evolve we are letting go of control over that person.  We are letting go of rigid judgment, criticism, blaming, condemnation and expectations. Letting go of the choice to control other people because what one person thinks will make them happy and safe on their journey in this life, may not be true for another.  We are having compassion, which “is a very sophisticated emotional achievement that opens your body to connect with the cosmos on a profound spiritual level.” (Marciniak, p.73)

      Our partner’s happiness, or journey on planet earth is not our responsibility.  So we are free to let go, letting go all the negative emotions of dominion over another, letting go of our opinions over another, letting go of having time with another, letting go and just enjoying that person through total acceptance is love and “love rules the heart.”  (Marciniak, p.73).

When we love another person, we hold space for them, by letting others vibration evolve and being love with them.  How do we hold space? We let of control, expectations, false evidence appearing real, which is fear, and let go of any other male energies vibrating without love. Since “Intense light spectrums from higher dimensions are now sent to Earth eight (8) times per year to raise the planets vibratory frequency cleanse.”  (Milanovich, p.125) We are supported in letting go.

In the love vibration, ownership is not part of the equation.  

The O in LOVE  

The O in LOVE is all about others.  O equals others, over, oracle, ought, or, open, our, one, of, observe, once, out, oyster, oxide, ox, owner, owl, ovarian, oven, off, order, ordain, old, organic, oppose, oleandra, open, optional, olive, omega, omission, omit, ooze, oomph, onyx, onion, oncologist, obituary, obsessive, occur, oasis, oat, obscene, occult, orb, one, onyx, old, optic, omega, optional, and more words that have to do with other or one.  Having to do with oneself.  

Most of the words that began with O have everything to do with others.  Even the word one begins with the letter O.  We do not own our partner or others and others do not own us.  There is always the giving of space to each set of person in our lives to let their own vibration evolve.  According to (Milanovitch, P.99) “Everything in the universe is energy and can be measured and reduced to vibrational frequencies.”

The process of divorce is a negative emotional experience, and accounting or giving an accounting of monetary value adds to the negativity.  Can we imagine, how it would be if one listed all the positive traits of the other and how they contributed to your vibration and evolvement as an individual? A lot of marriages would resolve themselves by explaining how the partner gave positive vibration to the union,  instead of listing monetary values or numbers as value for marital experience. “Money and power are the ultimate drugs. Forget all the substances that fall into the category of highly addictive and unbelievably bad for you. Money and power head the list. (Spetrino, p.17)

You see, when a monetary, or number value is placed on a marriage and put on a piece of paper, the negative thoughts of unregulated unconscious people are allowed into your private space, so they can send a judgemental thought, that is negative to your value and worth in the union, and that thought they had sent, ends up to be a psychic attack against the person.  We can only imagine, if people focused on good vibrations the union brought, the vibration of the entire planet would lift off. You see, negative vibrations, lowers your frequency, and the thoughts sent to an auric field that has already been weakened by drugs or alcohol consumption, that psychic attack sticks and the feeling is similar to giving one’s power away and Spetrino says “at the end of the day, being wealthy is about having power.” (p.18)

Sometimes, we have to accept the fact, people have wounds, and living together in the confinement of a Corporation marriage, the financial morass causes all feelings to become a jumbled mess of confusion.  This is where the separation occurs, because the couple is so tightly involved, they have to separate to become their own person again, to think their own thoughts and vibrate at their own pace toward their own evolution.   However, love is not meant to feel painful, and if love feels painful, then there is still healing needed to clear that wound.

The male energies who created the business of banking, education, law, religion –  is with the energy of power. The male energy having power over others. I am sure, in the beginning, these institutions began as a helper to humanity, but after one hundred years, these institutions have evolved into a place to control people and their own evolution.  “When atlantis fell, the survivors threw themselves into fear and a fight for survival. The feminine energy was suppressed. (Milanovich, p. 119)

Through these male energies dominating the planet and love not being allowed to rule the day, this has brought extreme psychological issues relating to self esteem and giving our power away to others through relationship in love.  The influence the – others – the central planner system has had on the feminine has been immense. Humanity is healing from tyrannical bombardment of male dominated rule, gone awry. The lack of love in the alpha male institutions of banking, law, education and religion has brought a profound energy of lack.  This energy of lack has brought in love relationships that brought in more lack in a person’s value and worth and the wound, separation from divine, has been vibrating to be filled, so a person turns to lower vibrational substances to feed that wound and then those substances can turn into an addiction. Being in love with another can also be an addiction, because “love addicts focus almost completely, on the person to whom they are addicted.” (Mellody p.11)

Then, our partnerships become agreements of entrapment and we become invalidated as a human.  When we become invalidated, then we become an invalid and the CoDependent partnership come into play. “CoDependence is a disease of immaturity caused by childhood trauma.” (Mellody, p.2)   If there are relationship issues that are not validated, this is where the invalid comes in. Not being able to speak without a charge creates impoverished relationships, which bring in lack.  These emotionally impoverished relationships bring in agreements of entrapment with others. “CoDependents are unable to be in a healthy relationship with themselves and there are five (5) symptoms the CoDependent think other people’s behavior is the reason they are unable to be in healthy relationships: (1) Negative control, (2) Resentment, (3) Impaired spirituality, (4) Addictions, or mental or physical illness, and (5) Difficulty with intimacy. (Mellody, p.3).

The V in LOVE

The letter V in love represents the heart.  The vibration will give a vibe to bring a valentine

and give value to life!  Barbara Marciniak, talks much about vibration of “biological structure is actually a sending-and-receiving center of information, (p.93)

The heart is the feeling center, the guide of all knowing.  The heart is the feminine aspect of human and now, it is up to the people on earth to listen to their heart and not listen to the mind of man that has controlled humans for generations of time.  (Dillion, p.159), says “Each of you is being called to foster forward to create your new world. It is a world based on love and existing as in sheer energy form.”

There have been some beings, who live on planet earth, who are not human.  They look like they are human, but these people have a hard time allowing their heart to rule.  Although these type of people have done a very good job putting the systems into place that are now part of the structure of society; such as law, education, financial and religion.  All these systems use the mind, the computer part of the body, the masculine energy mind to keep these systems and the people who live in their heart center – in control. Why do they want to control humanity?  Power, dominance, ruling over, being better than, and that is the masculine bombardment of energy humans have been swimming in for centuries, eon of of time. So, “We can change all this past energy because we are the pattern makers, the human anchors for the re-patterning of humanity.” (Dillion, p. 158).

The people vibrating with non-love know the ancient systems of earth, and the universe.  They have kept these ancient truths to themselves for thousands of years. The current people of non-love, who have run these systems, have only been the keepers for their forefathers before them.  They have done what their linear brain and mind has been controlled and taught to do. If they were listening to their heart of love, they would never control the masses as has been done. Therefore, we – the people of love, have to set up our vibration of higher love and love them in return.  Send every one love. To change this we, “feel the sense of being loved, cherished, valued.” (Dillion, p.289)

During the summer of 2012, I was returning on a very crowded flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco.  While the flight was preparing to back out and taxi across the runway to takeoff, a video came onto the screen above.  This particular plane was about 25 to 30 years old. The choice of words, on the video, were interesting. The video conveyed exactly that in San Francisco is a mechanic center, where all their planes are retrofitted and retrograded into top mechanical shape.  With this information going into the mind of all travelers before take off, this would and did relieve any thoughts of anxiety of the plane crashing. True! The people running the airline, know, thoughts are powerful and the vibration of that thought, with a mass of 300 people at one time, thinking the plane will be safe, then the plane will be safe. We did have a safe flight.

The programming systems, the people of non-love have set up for the mass of humanity, has been this subtle vibrational mind control.  They have controlled through the mind, rather than through the heart. The programming begins in school – through the system of education.   All programming is a subtle vibrational frequency. So we have to be “completely conscious about what we are creating.” (Dillion, p. 317).

The truth is love, the heart of love, is a vibrational frequency and cannot be put in a box or  controlled. Love cannot be legalistic or feel painful. If love vibration feels painful, that is the desire from the wound that has been opened to be healed.  The wound is caused by loss and separation from the divine source, when we first came into these bodies. “Of course the ultimate ongoing creation is with your sacred self and your life, the life you choose to experience.” (Dillion, p. 317). 

 The E in LOVE

The E in Love is all about evolution and evolving.  Love, in the many forms love arrives in a human’s life,  will help the human soul evolve towards more compassion and kindness.

The examples we have, as a human, of where to look for love, and its example of balance, is with animals and the planet earth.  Animals speak telepathically, so does the earth. They do not communicate through technology. As the light love increase on the planet – we, the humans will not need technology.  We too, will be speaking telepathically. As a human, feeling this vibration and evolving with the fact of intelligent communication of the telepath, it is difficult to grasp, but many are already using telepathic communication.  The “rational mind will not shy away from the idea of elemental beings and environmental spirits.” (Pogachik, p.71). Once we honor our own telepathic communication between ourselves, the evolution of love and letting others vibration evolve, will be as natural as walking.  Sometimes, “direct spiritual intention toward accepting self” (Myss, p.193), is the great evolution.

         Have you walked by people and heard a sentence or words they were thinking?  What you heard was correct. It might have been negative and you pushed that aside.  They were probably thinking that thought. Sometimes it’s the mirror effect bouncing off of them to you to reflect your own thoughts back to yourself.  This will be the truth in the coming years. All thoughts will be immediately reflected back to self and you will see, fast, what you are thinking.

         Sending love to every situation and person in our life, will cause your own evolution to accelerate and protect you from further entrapment.  Since, the alpha male, on the planet has ruled for thousands of years, before any of us can remember what it was like to live in the feminine vibration of love energy, having one’s own darkness, shadow and thoughts,  reflected back to themselves will be shocking to them. 

         Send love from your heart to another’s heart.  Visualize a string going from your heart to the other person’s heart, feel the energy of acceptance and letting others vibration evolve being sent into that person’s heart.  Amazing energetic heart opening and releasing shifts with this exercise. “Our relationships painfully expose us to how little we love ourselves.” (Simpson, p.80).

<send heart to heart love (See Appendix)

Evolving Through Intention and Visualising

         Through intention, humanity can heal the heart.  Through intention human’s can send love to another.  Through intention every area of your life evolves on a daily basis to the exact rhythm of vibration you intend.  Of “Self acceptance, we start to build the solid foundation upon which unconditional love flourishes, (Simpson, p.80). 

         The evolution of visualising your future will occur naturally, because “The more aware you are of the programs you run inside your biological computer, the easier it will be to create what you want.”  (Marciniak, P.94). With your third eye opened into the realm of the unseen world, you will feel comfortable in traveling the inner dimensions. Consulting with your ancestors and those who have walked the earth before will feel natural, because “ you are a product of genetic propensities and part of humanities healing at this time involves recognizing and releasing the dysfunctional patterns of behavior passed on from generation to generation.” (Marciniak, p.196).   Stepping from the 3rd dimension world of the linear into the 5th-12th dimension of the unseen world will be like walking through an open door.  You will step in and step out. Nothing will be hidden from your knowing. Envision, imagine, creating everything that you wish to experience, focus and lock this vision in your heart, lock the feeling in the heart, lock the emotion in your heart, lock the feeling of when you are presented with the reality of your visualization.  Lock the vision, feeling into the heart, a few times a day.

         Stepping into the knowing that nothing is ours, we do not own anything, not even our bodies. We are renting space in these bodies.  If we think we own a house, we just manifested the house or car to use for a while on earth plane of existence. We manifest what we need, borrow it, through the use of the energy of present system, called money, until we sell it to another who has manifested it for themselves.  To understand that nothing can come to you unless you feel you deserve it. This includes with love, money, health, wealth and wholeness. 

Evolving To The Feminine Vibration

         To embrace the feminine energy, the love energy, one must know them first, get them in their mind and then down load them into their heart.  To evolve, put these words out into the world as you speak them. Their vibration will come back to you. “Let go of observing the connection made through the two points, shift your awareness to something elsewhere, such as a movie you really like.”  (Jonsson, p.97) A list of the words with the feminine vibration are:

         Patient, kind, artist, musician, support, care, compassion, acceptance, nurturing, the intuitive, the advocate, the gentle leader, beauty, variety, freedom, chef, family, homemaker, psychic, empathic, healer,  rescuer, divine, creative, forgive, loving, fair, wise, ethical, mediator, companion, counselor, coach, diplomat, goddess, therapist, flow, optimism, loyal, visionary, humanitarian, philanthropist, prophet, sensitive, poet, dreamer, among others.  These all relate to principle 6 that Dale Carnegie writes “make the other person feel important, and do it sincerely.” (Carnegie, p.104).

         With the feminine, men can relax.  They can put down their warrior self and allow all to flow.  They can step into the feminine vibration and integrate this within their own masculine and be the leader, not as a warrior leader, but as a empathic leader, who is firm and has kindness to all.  This leader will not be in the vibration of lack – loss at concentrated kindness but in the vibration of love – letting others vibration evolve. They will not come from a place of control or rigidity, but a place of flow.  As men embrace the feminine energies, their evolution comes quickly with blending the two into one, and this creates the divine feminine. According to Richard Bartlett, “you can have exactly what you want as soon as you stop trying to control what shows up in your life. (p.14). Accept the grace and love that you are and trust that things are just as they are meant to be. (p.15).

<Send Love : (see appendix)

1. Picture a string leaving your heart center and going all the way to the other person’s heart center. 

2. Through this string connected between both of your heart send light.

3. Visualize that light going from your heart to the others.

Another way to send love, if sending love through the heart feels difficult is to pull the light from the cosmos down onto the top of their head and let that light pour through their body.  If you have any feelings of negativity toward this other person, guess what? Those negative feelings will dissolve. You may even feel darkness leaving that other person. 

         You see, when you want to criticize the other person, the only energy they are sending you is what you are sending them.  They are the mirror to your within. So, send love.

         If visualization is not something easy to do:

1. Draw a two circles – then put your name and the other person’s name in a circle

2. Draw a sun in the sky above the two circles

3. Draw another circle below the two circles

4. From the sun, draw two lines down to the circles, through the circles to the center of the earth.

5. By your intent, this will bring love to each person. 

6. Eventually, as you get used to practicing this, and practice visualizing this, bring love down, sending love will be easy and become second nature.

Understanding the Inner Feminine

      Being in touch with the inner feminine is more complicated than it appears to be! The model for the true power of femininity has been lost over recent history and is now becoming re-energized through the acceptance of feminine archetypes. The high priestess, through her intuition, and the queen role model, through her leadership, express these feminine archetypes. Recovering this feminine power is a personal task for each woman and man. This process is the starting point for self-healing and provides the essence of personal security. Bartlett says “When you show respect for the energy of the problem, you actually diffuse some of the psychic charge off it.” (p.25)

      The primary energies associated with the inner feminine are the moon and the planet Venus. The moon is the energy filtering through the subconscious self and tells the story of connection to the part providing nurturing, support, care, and comfort. The person who modeled the moon is the mother, and you see her through the lens of your own emotional matrix, signified by the moon. As adults mature, they learn to send this energy out into the world, but to be truly effective you must first own this energy and know how to use it to care for yourself and “the less you try to think, the more powerful your outcomes will be.” (Bartlett p.16).

           Everything feminine is elevated. You can “balance your nervous system by breathing through your heart.”  (Robbins, p.139). The feminine love energy is all about inclusive, connecting partnerships, and about compassion, communion, commitment, and consistency in relationships. We are learning to communicate the feminine energy as a whole. Some males, have struggles accepting the shift. Their world as they know it, through control and manipulation, is not working anymore and is collapsing fast. Wives are saying, “no more,” and are walking away. Girlfriends are speaking truth, are no longer supporting the male patriarchal behavior, and will not support it for a long time to come. The feminine energy is rising and will be the way again.

              CHAPTER FIVE


Humanity will evolve  into an Empathic Civilization.  Since these past one hundred years, and especially the past fifty years, humanity has been discarding ancestral baggage the many relationships that have been non-productive will fall by the wayside to heal the anger.  After, the anger is released we will step into our power of empathic listening. Standing up against authority about being disempowered. If we have not seen, do not feel seen, do not feel heard, we will be heard. All issues related to the shadow, the hidden part of our psyche will be brought forward to release or transmute itself into light.  All of the people on earth want to be listened to and hugged, held in a warm embrace of love. Acceptance. This will be the norm.

         All are awakening to the Christ conscious energy which is that of love and acceptance, in our selves.  If we have issues of co-dependence and bring in partners who mirror ourselves and our addictions, we will be able to look at the toxic energies and release them.   The space around each of us, with the supportive energy of the planets and their placement, will hold space for light to evolve all of us into empaths, people who listen to the earth, and the vibrations of another. 

         If you are engaged in any kind of relationship, where you feel scared to say what you really mean or you are afraid of disturbing something due to fear, retaliation, abandonment – these are old energies that are leaving humanities vibration. 

           You will have an intuitive reaction in your body to know if something is right or wrong.  Time to solidify relationships with people that are in your tribe. If you have an issue and there isn’t movement, you ask why?  This is a place of being stuck and seeking release of this comes with focus of intent to release the stuck and put forward movement.  At times, you may need another healer to help move the stuck energy out.

When we love another person, we hold space for them, by letting others vibration evolve and being love with them.  How do we hold space? We let of control, expectations, false evidence appearing real, which is fear, and let go of any other male energies vibrating without love.

Since we do not own our partner or others and others do not own us.  There is always the giving of space to each set of person in our lives to let their own vibration evolve.

Sometimes, we have to accept the fact, people have wounds, and living together in the confinement of a Corporation marriage, the financial morass causes all feelings to become a jumbled mess of confusion.  This is where the separation occurs, because the couple is so tightly involved, they have to separate to become their own person again, to think their own thoughts and vibrate at their own pace toward their own evolution.   However, love is not meant to feel painful, and if love feels painful, then there is still healing needed to clear that wound.

The male energies who created the business of banking, education, law is with the energy of power.  The male energy having power over others. I am sure, in the beginning, these institutions began as a helper to humanity, but after one hundred years, these institutions have evolved into a place to control people and their own evolution.

Since, the systems of law, education, religion and financial were created with the mind of man and have evolved into an alpha dominance system, and the feminine vibration is the exact opposite, these systems will naturally fall away as we move further into the 21st century.  

Through these male energies dominating the planet and love not being allowed to rule the day, this has brought extreme psychological issues relating to self esteem and giving our power away to others through relationship in love.  The influence the – others – the central planner system has had on the feminine has been immense. Humanity is healing from tyrannical bombardment of male dominated rule, gone awry. The lack of love in the alpha male institutions of banking, law, education and religion has brought a profound energy of lack.  This energy of lack has brought in love relationships that brought in more lack in a person’s value and worth and the wound, separation from divine, has been vibrating to be filled, so a person turns to lower vibrational substances to feed that wound.  

These type of chemicals humanity put into their body cause further imbalance and the person becomes enslaved even more.  But, the enslavement system is evolving out and this is part of humanities lesson at this time of living. Not everything will be perfect in our lives as these systems evolve out.  

Then, our partnerships become agreements of entrapment and we become invalidated as a human.  When we become invalidated, then we become an invalid and the codependent partnership come into play.  If there are relationship issues that are not validated, this is where the invalid comes in. Not being able to speak without a charge creates impoverished relationships, which bring in lack.  These emotionally impoverished relationships bring in agreements of entrapments with others.   

Because our own thoughts will be reflected back to us, the evolution of law will evolve out.  Any malicious thought will go right back to the person sending it. Law will take a while to fade away because people will still resonate with the old energy of control and manipulation, but once they see, they no longer have to use the old energies and can be empowered to love – letting others vibration evolve – they will not stay in lack.  


         The planet Venus is the planet of love.  All the energy from this planet is feminine.  You have, in your astrological birth chart, a zodiac sign in Venus, this zodiac sign could be Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn.  Each of these zodiac signs have a certain vibration. Combine the zodiac sign with planet Venus and you get a certain vibration and how you relate in love. All love relationships, not just the romantic ones.  The energies from the particular zodiac sign you were born under, is the particular energy, that will make you feel loved.

Let’s go through these Love energies associated with each sign:

If your zodiac sign is:

Venus in Aquarius = your love nature is having space and your own life, you value intelligence and want a partner who is your number one friend, among many friends.

Venus in Pisces – You are yielding in love, mystical, sensitive, you love with an open heart and fall in love at first sight.

Venus in Aries – passion, you like the pursuit of a love interest and challenge in love.

Venus in Taurus – beauty, wining and dining, fine food, music all add to the love feeling.

Venus in Gemini – Like new, interested in many ideas, variety, spontaneity, no routine, fun.

Venus in Cancer – Vulnerable, cautious in love, likes candlelight dinner, security, takes everything in, want to feel deeply cared about.

Venus in Leo – love the royal treatment, you like to respect who you are with, like genuine attention, like beauty in others, thoughtful gestures.

Venus in Virgo – like clean people, punctuality, and wholesome qualities.  Like to build slow mutual respect rather than flames of passion, likes ample affection.

Venus in Libra – A romantic at heart.  Thrive in a committed romantic, loving partnership.  Likes all the romantic enhancers – candles, music, silk sheets, fresh flowers.

Venus in Scorpio – Has Magnetism, intense, desire, want an emotional union with a non-game player, a committed lover who is your own.

Venus in Sagittarius – like strong friendship in love, lots of friends, one lover, playing, traveling, socializing bond you to your partner.  Takes a while for you to commit to one partner, curious, experimental.

Venus in Capricorn – Discriminating, and desire building an empire with one person.  Monogamous, loyal, family love, create love that lasts. Takes a while to open to another in love.  

Divine Feminine

Male role modeling has been going on for thousands of years and has been very much instilled in our psyche and lineage for generations. We need only to read our history books to remind us. Positive male role modeling has been the leader and innovator. Negative male role modeling has been the warrior and the aggressor.

The divine feminine is the blending of the feminine and the masculine. Combining the forces of receptivity and intuition in harmony and balance with leadership strength creates the divine feminine. The concept of right versus wrong is not valid here. The duality of good versus bad does not exist. Give and take is the concept. Honoring, allowing, and receiving create the force.

Shedding the skin of rigidity, control, and misunderstanding from masculine role model in favor of compassion and empathy from the feminine role model creates harmony, balance, and peace.

The wound of the feminine is deep within and difficult to overcome; yet confronting the wound to clear it of abandonment and non-nurturing will heal it for the whole. The deep wound caused by nurturing and empathy is absent in the first love relationship. Many therapists and trained professionals receive their income because of the existence of this wound.

Look to the earth as our example of the feminine. She takes abuse beyond human measure, yet she gives freely. By giving water and support beneath our feet, she nurtures all of humanity. Once in awhile, she will gurgle and burp. She will hiccup an earthquake or move with a shift. Father sky will come tickle her with the wind. The love affair between earth and sky is the balance humanity seeks in living daily lives.

In looking at the earth, the feminine, there is solidarity— grounded, available, intuitive, compassion. The sky, the masculine, is bossy, take-charge, controlling, moody, flighty, good one day, naughty the next, and unpredictable. Putting these analogies side by side, we begin to see how the wound came to be.

The air expects the earth to always be there, to always be receptive and nurturing, when the feminine is having her moment to be within herself—like air always does. The wound occurs when the air does something hurtful such as producing a big wind, a hurricane, a tornado, or a massive destructive heat wave, throwing nature out of balance and into chaos.

How does humanity move between the patriarchal and matriarchal to combine the two into balance, becoming the divine feminine? We shift the balance through relationships, and by sharing love with one another in deep, intimate connections. The mirror reflection of a relationship shows who we are to ourselves. The mirror reflection also reveals old emotions needing to be released, so new emotions of love can come through. For instance, a widow, having a casual friendship with another person who has experienced spousal abandonment, can bring up feelings of repressed grief even though that spouse has not physically died.

The balance comes from doing the inner work and action in the physical world.

Much of your work will require going within yourself to resolve issues of the past—including even your lineage and ancestry. Many people already do this, allowing laws of forgiveness, commitment, gratitude, and anything that sparks feelings of love to rule the day.

As our heart center opens by facing emotional and soul wounds, we release behavior patterns and go from feeling isolated, alone and like the only person on the planet to feel as we do, to feeling love, acceptance and balance within.

Consciously, we trudge through the mud and sludge of old emotions that hold us back from living on a higher plane of acceptance and thought. Our life then becomes the prayer of sacred love, global love, spiritual love, sacred partnership, and the feeling of romantic love forever.

When you meet someone who seems magical, the feeling you experience exists because that person appears to emanate huge amounts of divine light. The divine feminine energy is compassionate to all forms of life. Look to the earth to understand the feminine. Standing barefoot on her will relax your inner being.

The moon, too, is feminine. The moon mirrors our emotions. A full moon often inspires a high level of romance and eroticism. The lover, emanating emotions, from the moon shows the power of attraction, sensuality, and desire. Full moon phases can stimulate a powerful desire to find a soul mate and a drive to make that connection. The seed of all relationships is love, whether eros or karmic love gets you together. Divine, compassionate love is the love that heals and does not judge, prosecute, or ignore.

         Evolving through the masculine energies has been progressive.  As the feminine energetic vibration continues to wash through each human, we will begin to have balance with the male and female.  The yin and the yang balance itself out. Duality releases and war is no more. 

         Combining the forces of receptivity and intuition in harmony and balance with leadership strength creates the divine feminine.  The concept of right versus bad does not exist. Give and take is the concept. Honoring, allowing, and receiving create the force. 

         Shedding the rigidity, control, and misunderstanding in favor of compassion, empathy, care, acceptance creates harmony, balance and peace.

         Shifting the balance of masculine to feminine into the center of mass fem happens through the relationship of love.  Romantic love in particular is a force and teacher to bring a single person full frontal face into themselves to confront both their own masculine and feminine within. 

         Through the teacher of romantic love and allowing the feelings this brings of relaxation for heart opening to the wound within.  Using the tools given to humanity through the ages, such as meditation, prayer, dreaming, astral travel, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, therapy, counseling, crying, releasing, communicating, letting go, hypnosis, astrology, energy modalities, spiritual teachings, emotions, creativity, blending, desire, sensuality, attraction, and many other feminine tools, words and vibration help humanity evolve into the feminine energy of Love.

Evolving through the fear and ending with Love

         The natural vibration of humans is love, so, stepping into letting others vibration evolve and out of fear – false evidence appearing real – is evolution.  For the species of human to evolve through the planetary cycles, transitioning orbits, blasts of human bombardment, of masculine dominion – i.e. law, education, religion, banking, – and surviving as a living species on the planet, love, is the healing energy.  Love is the healing word, love is the healing vibration that will shift the entire planet. 

         The feminine energies have to be very intense in order to blast the energy, the feeling through these rigid systems of dominance and control.  Feeling the feminine energy is part of the ride and comes slowly as humans allow this energy in. Love. 

         As the matrix, grid, of masculine dominance, unwinds, uncords, unravels, to Love, and the balance of female into the male body and male into the female body assimilates itself,  – shifting, talking, healing, loving, is a place all of us will be. Happiness, joy, honor, stewardship, giving, receiving, blending, will be the energies humanity works with every day. 

         Duality is released and all peoples see we are one.  The veil, lifts, and all see, what has been hidden, from humanity, for thousands of years.  Organic, love, becomes the rule of the day. No longer, are humans required to be in places where controlling their actions, through work, thought, eating, finances, living, and any other area of being.  Humans have love. The pure form of God energy from every planet in the solar system, is love. Unconditional love is accepting all and allows everything to flow.

Unconditional love is an ability for the highly evolved being.  Attempting to practice unconditional love may take a lifetime or two to overcome self and the idea of “wanting” “it is mine”  “I have to have this”. There are challenges to sending unconditional love and many injustices, unfair treatment received from others while you are practicing unconditional love. To keep in mind, that you are an eternal being, meant to be in your space of living, with the friends, loved ones, romantic partners you bring into your life – you are meant to send each and every one unconditional love.   Everywhere on the planet and other planets, unconditional love is needed. This is a practice of compassion, caring, acceptance, and gratitude, appreciation for those souls of energy who reside within your realm of daily living.  This is not a practice of perfection, but a practice of being. Without love, unconditional love, the dark takes over, clouding the minds and heart of humans.

         As the systems set up with the masculine energy of control, allow the feminine energy of love into all these systems. Send love to the masculine energies…send love to the Corporations…Send love to all those who make the decisions for humanities forward movement… instead of criticizing.. send love.  Allow the shifting, evolving, allowing, accepting, as energy having to be brought into the mind to survive. Love will help the planet and people survive any chaos presented and love will help the evolution to survive, individually, wholly and family through the shift from masculine dissolution to the feminine vibration.  As humanity evolves our love relationships and the voice of the children, the wisdom of the children will help us listen.

Evolution of the Children

They come with the big return of the Venus, that happened June 6, 2012.  They are talkative and very intuitive. Talking to a rainbow child is like talking to an adult.  They do not have the anger. They are telepathic and naturally see in the hidden realm and what is going on around them etherically, energetically and spiritually in the hidden realm. They believe in God and a higher power, but are not religious.  Church going and reading the bible does not work for them. They are natural healers. By their presence in your sphere, they heal. They are centered and very attuned and in tune with the earth. Animals are their friends. Talking to animals is a natural happening, they just know.  Drugs and alcohol, makes them sick and brings breakouts on their face. Anxiety from the shifting energies of the planet can cause them some pain in the stomach, but as soon as they get outside, they are fine and balanced once again. Eating a whole food diet works best for their vibration and core.   Milk products, sugar products, wheat products all agitate their sensitive stomachs and gives them mucus, confused thinking, really bad stomach aches, the body cannot digest it. Sugar, makes them really cranky and gives them a headache. After they eat something sugary, they get really happy for ten minutes and then they crash and feel cranky.  Wheat or bread, stuffs their feelings of angst and it makes them unhappy after they eat it. Bread cures their stomach ache. The classroom lights make them feel sick, sometimes they get really dizzy and feel like throwing up. The lights, they can feel hitting them. They can feel sweaty and vomity. The minute they get out of the classroom, the mood lifts and changes immediately.  Any stress in the school classroom and the florescent lights make them sick. The classroom can be grey and white and the stress, florescent lights causes more stress. As told by my daughter Kea.

Creating is the children’s language—the language from the heart and the language from the soul. Everything is when they are allowed the freedom of expression from their heart. Once the rules and confines of linear-based teaching systems confine their freedom of expression, children express themselves outside the box of society-described norms and are reined in to the realms of thought that do not resonate with their heart center system. They are often misunderstood and medicated in order to control them, so they can sit in a classroom quietly and be in a group formation of standards and control. Their freedom of expression can become stifled, and they can shut down. Their soul can begin to separate from their body in order to survive the system. Sometimes they die. The energies of non-love are too harsh. Sometimes they take their own life, because the emotional pain of being misunderstood is painful, and they do not have communication skills to express themselves except through art, through the creative freedom of expression, except. And with the limiting of art classes and art expression in schools, they shut down. They do not know what else to do. Some children feel they do not feel they fit in. Children are misunderstood by many people around them. Yet, others will learn from what the star children will teach them.

         People who try to control the children by trying to control their thoughts, freedom of expression, and behavior are working from an old energy based on fear. These people will not be long on the planet, since the energies coming in are all about love and acceptance. With the shifting of the planetary alignment, some people will not be able to assimilate the love energies fast enough.  Stay in rebalancing of energies and using a drum really helps soothe and gently rebalance body systems, especially for the child. Drumming vibrates to the inner core of the being, and through the drumming, it aids in journeying, going on a lucid dream-like trip, where various pictures and visions happen through mental pictures.

         The energy of love and acceptance is here on the planet. Any person operating out of fear-based energy does not hold or sustain.  We all want peace and love.


All people, animals, things, the Earth, anything encountered in life, need to have love sent to them so all can evolve to love.  All one has to visualize is bringing the sun down into the person, thing of animal, and this will balance the energy.

The energy of love and acceptance is here on the planet.  Any person operating out of fear based energy does not hold or sustain their stance.  This energy does not stick.  

Children are star beings filled with light and love.  As adults, if we see the children as star beings and look at our adult self as a star being, our evolution into love goes easily and smoothly.  Except when our beings fight the love, then our evolution will be stunted but we will still evolve, maybe just a little slowly. So with open hearts all of humanity embraces the feminine energy of love, divine love, divine consciousness and all will evolve in perfect timing.

So maybe the idea of love is all about letting others vibration evolve.  Since love is about all about acceptance and nothing to do with control, then loving is letting others vibration evolve.


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