Today begins the day of transcribing mother’s journal when her and dad moved to Saudi Arabia to work with ARAMCO.  They had lived in the The Hague, Den Haag, Netherlands for about 6-7 years and then finished up working for aramco Saudi Arabia,  before moving back to Southern California, where they had kept their home. The total time to my recollection of living overseas is about 11 ½ years.  


NAME:  Julie Merkle

ADDRESS: 506 Jana Ct. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

SCHOOL:  Of the desert

CLASS:  of hard knocks in very convenient and easy living.

June 27, 1982 aboard KLM’s flight 601 @11:25 pm.”

Kat:  6271982 = 35=8             flight = 7 @ 11:7 or 9 o

                                                           7    +   9 = 16 = 7

“We have just been served our dinner – I’ll omit details of that because it is not worth mentioning.  I purchased this book with the intent of recording our Saudi journey in it; primarily to set down what I feel, think, see, hear, etc.  It began of course, really, sometime in 1975”

Kat                                                                                                                                   22

“When Fred said, “Would you like to go to Saudi to work?”  I answered, “why not?” “Why not?” We were at a crossroads in our life – Carl graduating from high school, Kathi in her mid-course and Freda would begin Junior High.  Fred filed an application with ARAMCO and was being saught for an interview while we were going to have our very last family vacation with the children. We took four weeks and travelled across the U.S.  I can’t remember much, but we visited Nat’l Parks and which included Nat’l Monument, N.Y. City, Liberty Statute, Washington, D.C. When we were in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania visiting the Pipers we called home (meaning my mom) and we discovered Aramco wanted an interview with Fred.  So we rushed to Dallas and stayed there while Fred went to Houston for an interview. Thus began our own odyssey. So last November when Fred went “down to the field” he was told by his Dutch boss that he had to get a job in Saudi or there wouldn’t be one for him in The Hague. Having been tremendously reluctant to go to Saudi Arabia I put up a fleece to the Lord.  I told him”

Kat     HIM MIH  Big Inner Weaving Hard Teacher.     

“I told him, if he wanted us is Saudi Arabia he would give Fred a job there: (normally one is supposed to circulate one’s file and this takes months.) or he would change Fred’s Dutch boss’ mind and let us work (continue) in the Hague; or post us to a place in the U.K. or U.S.A.  Well, Fred returned from Saudi Arabia with two (2) job offers.

Still so reluctant and upset – but talking with Father Finley of the English speaking International Catholic Chapel Christmas night at the Paul Hoye’s Christmas Open House I shared my feelings and when Father Finley spoke at the American Protestant Church, after service about 14:00 went to Westbrook Park Roserverium for lunch – and there Father Finley shared how he had read something that week which he wished to share with me.  He related about the writings of some mysteries that had gone down into Saudi Arabia truly seeing the “hidden years of Christ Jesus” and really when looked at in that perspective I had a certain (meaning? Not complete?) calm about going. Different friends and persons have said to me “Oh what you can buy; games you can play; now you can work and make so much money; you can take such wonderful trips,’ etc. ad nauseum. But the idea of the “Hidden Years”, because of the reluctance which I discussed with Father Finley seemed to answer, especially as “deep calleth unto deep.”  This has been so exceeding difficult –

Saying goodbye to so many friends and loved ones – in the U.S. and Holland – Pur move, the packing, unpacking – so unutterably disturbing.  So I have kept the flood tide in – except today in church – the whole service, the hymns, scriptures read were geared by our heavenly father for me – On the next page “I’m going to paste this service bulletin   

in.   – Pastor read from Hebrew 11 and 12.  “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”  So by fatih I go to Saudi Arabia – I can see no other reason for it – I sobbed without stopping the night before Fred left and again today.  Thru the service – each time I said goodbye to the children and even now as I write. I am so grieved by it all. Jeanie came by this afternoon and helped me sit on Hank Jones big suitcase.  It has two straps on it and hope it holds.”

Kat’s reflection:  I am writing this as a kinesthetic exercise.  I like to add up the numbers to have the numerical vibration and ask to heal the divine feminine aspect of myself and all fields of my feminine and masculine self, actually heal both the divine masculine and my divine feminine.  In reading The Edgar Cayce Reading 2-441-4 Christ Consciousness “Q. What is the Main Purpose of this incarnation? A. To glorify the Christ Consciousness in Earth – in the lives of those with whom ye come into contact, and to live the same thyself.”

Edgarcayce.org Edgar Cayce On Christ Consciousness. Adapted from: Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality by Kevin Todeschi. https://www.edgarcayce.org/the-readings/spiritual-growth/christ-consciousness/  In The Goldfish Report No. 370 Guest Dr. Scott Werner, Relationships Which Determine Self Worth, YouTube 7/2/2019.  Downloaded 722019. 11010 = 3.  Holy Spirit = 3, The Dove. OM! Namaste. Forgiveness Sanskrit.  

“Our relationships with our moms and dads are very important and they knew if they could disrupt the family unit it would disrupt ourselves from freeing our minds. And the mom is your aspect of the divine feminine psychology and your dad is your divine masculine psychology” @5:53.  

August 16, 2019 Friday Evening.  

Kat:  Forgot I had begun this.  So much information of the way the family loves has come through with these last moon cycles.  It is interesting to be the middle child. Being the middle child is helping me survive parental energy passing away and inheriting their wealth, and bringing my philosophy of building family wealth, through keeping the main family home as a property.  My vision is to have 4 separate living spaces, within the home, each with their own kitchenette, fridge. Everyone needs their own kitchen space, their own sink to wash their dishes, cups, a place to make their own coffee and their own fridge for their own food style choice.  People do have different food eating styles, habits, and choices, and its important to the evolution of the soul to have its own fridge!  

Watching my brother yell at sister wanting his $20,000.00 now, instead of waiting, and then the accountant awards him $100,000 payable now.  Like he gets rewarded for throwing a temper tantrum and watching my sister cower from him and working through her daughter to get her-will-done.  The example showed that this family gives pain for love. It is illogical.  

972019 = 19 = 10 = 1.  New Energy, New Beginnings.  An Entire two (2) months went by without writing mothers journal notes about her travels to Saudi Arabia and move.  During these past months of reflection of self, doing Art Therapy, creating New Art called Crop Circle Art, organizing my library at home with parents book collection and my book collection.  As I moved through each room of the house of mom and dad, various items spoke to me, with energy of joy. I kept these things, displaying them in my space to be reminded of mom and her own relationship with the holy spirit.  Looking at these items help me understand mom a little more each day. The water I was born through came from her father, John N. Englund, a lay pastor, who travelled all over the California Desert, ministering, starting churches, writing, traveling to Greece, and doing Gideon Work of placing bibles.  Grandfather John N. Englund left many writings on nice parchment paper, that can be retyped into digital form so the world can read what he had to say. Grandfather had a large mural on his wall that told of the book of Revelations in the Bible. I could not understand this book and the picture of apocalypse was  scary to me as a child.

  I am in attendance for re-certification of a massage license. The requirement for even beginning the classes is a copy of my high school transcripts!   

Those high school transcripts were from Holland, The American School of The Hague.  I saw my grades as being all C’s. Art class were B or an occasional A. Those transcripts showed I am a Middle energy person.  Middle Child. Middle of the road with getting through school, even if the school was located in a foreign land and famous people, brilliant people have gone through that particular school.

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