I Am Sam.  An Essay on the Movie.  SPED 421 Fall 2016 11/13/2016

Q.1  What are the greatest challenges facing Sam?

The greatest challenges facing Sam is overcoming the judgement given to him regarding can he be a good father.  The system did not think he could help his daughter with her Algebra homework, and was afraid Sam would not be able to care for his daughter when she reached puberty, implying something would happen, but not actually saying it.  The system thinks that having Sam as a dad, will hold the daughter back, since she already had held herself back in her school work, afraid of being smarter than her dad. The daughter did not want to read, since her dad could not and this hindered her educational growth, according to the system, and they were right, but, the system is trying to raise a group of people who can grow up and go to work, and Sam would not be able to train his daughter to grow up and go to work, only the system could, so they put her in a home, that could provide this.  In the end the mother in that home, thanked Sam for showing her how to love.

Q.2  How does the social work system help and hinder?  

Since the system does not recognize love, giving love, as the base requirement in parenting, they were against Sam being a full custody parent.  The system is all for having a parent raise a child who can teach the child linear concepts of Math, reading and writing, the school subjects, and how a parent can help the child with their homework, rather than how the parent can build the child’s self esteem and self worth through love, acceptance, and kindness.    Sam with having a mental disability would not be able to help his daughter with her math homework. He could, play as a child with his daughter, since a person with an Intellectual disability is an eternal child!  

Q.3  Describe what their intentions are related to providing social assistance. 

Their intentions are and were to remove her from the home with Sam because the father was arrested for solicitation of a hooker, which he did not know was one.  Sam was set up to have his 7 year old daugher removed from the home through the system. The system wanted Sam to have monitored visits with his daughter, 2 times per week at 2 hours of time.  By the time Sam took the bus to where he was suppose to be, he lost a lot of time, so he found a place close to where his daughter lived with the foster family, and walked dogs as a side income while working for a Pizza place.  

Q. 4 What are the positive and negative of the system.  

The positive’s are the system is trying to protect their interests in the well being of the child, and keep the child from further trauma and abuse.  However, separating the child from their beloved parent is more traumatizing the the child, and putting her in a foster home, which can be abusive and set the child years back into recovery.  However, in Lucy’s case, the child, she was placed in a nice foster home, with a concerned mother, who learned how to love, by Sam demonstrating his love and kindness. Sam taught his lawyer how to love, by showing love, and reflecting back to saying “You people do not know how to feel.”  Which ended up being a positive for the lawyer in helping Sam establish custody with the foster parents, and giving Sam liberal visitation rights, and woke the lawyer up into loving, honoring her own child. The courts were harsh, hateful, non-compassionate, vengeful and looking for every way to keep Lucy, out of the home from Sam.  I think in the end, Lucy was not as traumatized and visitation worked out having a custodial parent, and the courts were happy, because they do want the biological parent to raise their own child as much as possible.

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