Lesson Plan
Students:   Can be modified for K-12Time:  2 hours to 1 week or 5 days of a high school art class or 2 days of an elementary art class
Materials:  8×10 construction paper/Magazines/scissors/glue/markers/anything interestingConcepts/skills:  Culture explored using found images, creating a collageStandards Based Objectives:  K-2 – Making meaning w/ text3-5 examples of making meaning w text6-8 Increasing effective expression9-12 Improving written communication    At each level advance the written expression with students own written assessments.
Open:  (20 Minutes)  Show full or partial clips of the youtube videos of collage artists/techniques.             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hURBm8O6OFo&nohtml5=False  Collage Artist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR0abMN3T0I&nohtml5=False  Artist Michael Manzdo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2lU7qrMiV4&nohtml5=False (Baby oil Collage)
Body:The students will create a collage around their country’s culture and choose one word from that culture and translate into English, i.e, Agua = Water.  The collage will contain the culture word and the english word, written in bold after the pictures have been glued within. The collage can include any found images that relate to the culture with water or have some sort of visual on their culture with water.  Can be modified as according the the artist.
Close:By the third art class the students will finish their collage and staple to a word wall or present their collage with the in a parade of students showing their collage with everyone else in the class at the same time.  
Assessment:Each student will assess their own art and hang their collage with the word on a wall set up for display.  The collage must have the foreign word and the English word within, hopefully the word will be written in bold letters so students can see the word as they glance up at the wall.
Differentiation:This lesson can be taught to all age groups and to all students with different disabilities.  Modifications and time add on is okay. This lesson is great for elementary traveling art teachers and High School students can be given a week then complete a one page write up.  The HS student will be able to improvise with detail and added interest, texture, form in the collage.

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