EMERGENT READING                  SPED 433 SP. 2017            

BOOK TITLE:              The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book
AUTHOR:                   Jerry Pallotta and Ralph Masiello
AGE LEVEL:               Pre-K – First or Second Grade
SYNOPSIS OF STORY:   The book goes through the Alphabet from A-Z and talks about a lizard or reptile with the name that starts with the Letter of the Alphabet being talked about.A –      Armadillo LizardB-       BoaC-       ChameleonD –      Diamondback TerrapinE-       EggF –       Frilled LizardG –      Gila MonsterH –      Horned ToadI –       IguanaJ –      Joint SnakeK –      Knob-tailed GeckoK-       Komodo DragonL –      Leatherback TurtleM –     Moloch or Mountain DevilN-       Night SnakeO –     Ornate Box TurtleP –      Pipe SnakeQ –     QueensnakeR –     RattlesnakeS –     SkinkT –     TuataraU –     UrutuV –     Vine SnakeW –    WhiptailX –     Xantusia riversianaY –     Yellow headed GeckoZ –     Zillions of years ago, giant reptiles lived on earth.
The illustrations by Ralph Masiello are beautifully done, with full color and crisp detail, easy to look at and very interesting.  This book was bought at Joshua Tree Monument bookstore.https://www.amazon.com/Yucky-Reptile-Alphabet-Book-ebook/dp/B01M20YDEQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486518745&sr=8-1&keywords=the+yu
This book can also be purchased on Amazon.

2.  Thematic Approach

The Theme is reptiles, desert, nature,  animals who do not need much water to live and can survive in a desert climate.  I used to teach in Palm Springs Unified School District and this book will be perfect for doing a Desert Theme, as most students would benefit from learning about their environment and habit around their house!

3. Choose a writing activity for your book, describe that activity and how you would differentiate for a wide variety of students.

Informal Assessment – 1.   Have all the students write the name of a certain alphabetic reptile from the book.  The students can look at the word and write what they see. Then around the room are pictures of each of the reptiles which correlates to each of the letters.  Have the students tape their writing to the picture of the reptile and the whole class can have a museum viewing.  2.    Higher grades can draw a picture of the reptile AND write the name underneath, and tape the pictures in a certain spot of the room, or around the room, and continue the museum viewing.
English Language Learners: Can do the above steps, or create a large design of a letter of A-Z and tape to the wall.  EL learners can do the above steps 1 and 2 in informal assessment.A picture of the reptile can be traced and then colored or painted or free hand drawn to accompany the letter writing of the reptile name.  Also, as an add on the student can write down the entire synopsis of the reptiles habitat.The student can do further research to learn about the area they live in, if it contains what type of reptile, how many, and what is done to contain the reptiles from the general public.

4. Select a creative/field trip activity for your book and describe how you would implement the activity with your students.

If this unit is done in the Desert area of Palm Springs, the students can have a field trip to The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California.  http://www.livingdesert.org/ If there is not a living desert nearby or a place to go visit to see reptiles, there are a reptile zoo, where the person brings the zoo right to you.   This reptile zoo (portable) is available for kids birthday parties and would suit a classroom visit perfectly.

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