SPED 425, CSUF Spring 2016

                                    Creating a color wheel using Red/Blue/Yellow/White
Students:  Grade 8-12Time:  Presentation + set up – 1 class period.  Painting – 2 or 3 hour class periods.
Materials: Tempera paint of:  Red, yellow, blue, white paint. Card stock big enough for student to make wheel.  Pencil, ruler, compass.Concepts/skills:  Using the 3 colors to mix into secondary colors + add white for tintStandards Based Objectives:  The lesson includes visual, tactile, aesthetics, philosophy by their final assessment, production and a little history by showing the video. 
Open:  1. Show the first video of setting up the page for a color wheel:  
 2.   Show the next video on color mixing even though the students will use Tempera Paint. Video: 
3.  Show a completed color wheel, exactly as you expect the finished product to look like.
Body:  The students will watch both videos and create their own color wheel.  If working with younger students have a pre-cut circle on card stock ready.  The students can measure out their pies for the color. Students mix their colors as follows: Red + Yellow = Orange  2. Blue + Red = Purple   3. Yellow+ Blue + Green.Then add white for tints – red+white = Pink. Clean up paint brushes and work station after finished for the period.
Close:  The teacher will walk around and be available to every student while they are working on building and painting their color wheel.  
Assessment:  They will be graded on neatness, correct mixing and their one page write up of how they felt mixing the primary colors of red, blue, yellow to create orange, green and purple and their tints, if the student or teacher wants to push this color into further dimensions.
Differentiation:  For students with manual dexterity issues, the color wheel can be created by using squares, which will make is easier to paint with a small paint brush.  For EL learners, this lesson can include modeling and sheltered instruction. This is a very successful art lesson for every student of all disabilities.  

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